The club, in its current form has been running since the early Millennium. However, the roots of the club go as far back as 1943 when an initial discussion was held with 7 members from all over the South West from Wiltshire to Cornwall met to form the British Friesian Cattle Society Club for the area. The first evening show was held in 1985, at Penberlan curtsey of the Bennett family, with the family still being active members to this day. 

We have over a hundred members, and the typical year includes various events. The year always kicks off with the Annual Club Dinner, where the results for the previous years herd competition are announced. We also host informative evenings such as herd visits around the county and a breeders evening where a notable breeder or individual within the dairy industry is invited to speak to our members. In addition to these events we also have two junior judging evenings hosted on members farm in the Summer. We have a strong presence during the Royal Cornwall Show, and host a yearly herds competition and On Farm Challenge. We also host a yearly fundraiser for the club and HYB, which varies by nature from year to year.

With over a 100 members, we are a welcoming, friendly club who try to cater for all our members needs and encourage anyone interested in joining us to get in touch! 


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