Holstein UK

Welcome to Holstein UK, our mission is to be squarely at the heart of the dairy industry and as such our aim is to assist our members in breeding profitable, robust and productive dairy cattle.  

We are a member-owned organisation dedicated to innovation and quality and are driven to continuously improve the services we offer.

We are the parent of two subsidiary companies, The Cattle Information Service (CIS) and National Bovine Data Centre (NBDC).

The Cattle Information Service (CIS) is the UK's leading milk recording and health testing organisation operating a state-of-the-art laboratory.  

National Bovine Data Centre (NBDC) exists to develop industry-leading analysis of data for the improvement of dairy production in the UK.

The British Friesian Breeders Club was formed in 1990 to promote and encourage the best of British Friesians.


Latest News

04 Dec 2020

The December 2020 proof run delivers the number one slot in three of the four main Holstein UK rankings for Semex UK.

01 Dec 2020

As the season for spring calving approaches, producers running grazing-based systems will be pleased to see three dairy breeds feature in the top five in AHDB Dairy’s newly published Spring Calving Index (£SCI) ranking.

01 Dec 2020

Stability at the top of the proven Holstein rankings sees Westcoast Guarantee hold on to the number one position in the Profitable Lifetime Index rankings