The Society

Holstein UK is Europe's largest independent breed society. It offers a range of services to the dairy farming industry targeted at improving the genetics and profitability of the Holstein breed.

British Friesians continue to be registered in the Herd Book with percentages of Friesian clearly denoted. For general information on British Friesians, please go to the British Friesian Breeders Club Website, or for more information on individual animals please use the Holstein UK Animal data section.

The Holstein website provides the largest and most comprehensive source of independent breeding information in the industry - the pages take you through all the genetic indexes relating to the breed and provide further information on how you can promote and improve the quality of your herd.

Breed societies have traditionally been associated with registering births and ancestry, promoting the breed, and increasing the value of your livestock. But at Holstein UK, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Over the past decade, the Society has built up a portfolio of services designed to improve your breeding decisions along with the quality, profitability and herd-life of your dairy cows. Today, Holstein UK has around 8,000 members and registers almost 220,000 cattle each year. And both of these figures seem to be stabilising in the face of a contracting dairy industry.

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