The Norfolk Club was founded in April 1949 when the East Anglian Club was divided into separate County Clubs. There were 34 members at the first AGM and Mr James Alston of Sco Ruston, Sloely prefix was the first chairman. The Alston name in Norfolk at the time was synonymous with dairy cows and Alston’s were milking 19 herds, sadly only one survives. 

Fast forward SOME 60 PLUS YEARS THE Club still survives but with greatly reduced numbers of herds, around 17 Dairy Herds in total. 

The Current President is Eddie Brigham of the Easthaugh herd and the Chairman is Charles Askew of the now dispersed Scalesfarm herd. 

A programme of events are organised during the year including Stock Judging Evenings, Farm Walks and visits. There is a HYB section and an All Breeds Calf Show is held in September at the Norfolk Showground. 

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