Identify your future herd with genomic testing

Genomic testing provides twice as much genetic information on young animals than the traditional pedigree index (parentage average). It is most useful for calves and young bulls as these are the animals in the herd with the least known about their genetic potential. They also have the highest potential type merit and PLI values.



Genomic Testing Options

Holstein UK offers the following genomic testing options and samples can be taken using either hair or tissue:


HD Female GPLI (UK) £23.00 + £1.50 AHDB genomic evaluation fee*

HD Female GTPI (USA) £55.62 + £1.50 AHDB genomic evaluation fee*

HD GPLI (unofficial) £23.00 + £12.50 AHDB genomic evaluation fee.

*Please note that the AHDB fee will be £3.00 if the animal does not reside in a milk recording herd.


Most members find that the UK GPLI test provides them with all the information they require to make accurate breeding decisions.

Also included in the price of the genomic test are a range of genetic condition results: BLAD, Citrullinemia, Dumps, Mule Foot, Variant/Dominant Red, HH1, HH3, HH4 and HH5. A GTPI test will also provide all these as well as HH2 status.

For an additional fee, the following genetic traits can be requested with any genomic test: Polled, Coat Colour (recessive red), A2 (Beta Casein), CVM, Brachyspina and Cholesterol Deficiency 

Read further information about genetic traits



Forward Ordering

Discounts are also available for orders of 50 or more HD Female UK GPLI tests through our Forward Ordering Service:

50-99 HD Female UK GPLI genomic tests – 2.5% discount

100-199 HD Female UK GPLI genomic tests – 5% discount

200+ HD Female UK GPLI genomic tests – 10% discount


A payment plan can be set up through our Membership Services team which will enable you to spread the cost of genomic testing over several months. We also do not have any time limits on when your testing kits need to be used by. 



The testing process takes between 6 – 8 weeks, with results normally published on the first Tuesday of each month (second Tuesday in August).  View the full schedule of results.


Genomics Results Portal

Our new Genomics Results Portal allows members to view their animal’s results and select animals through filters on a wide selection of traits. As a member of Holstein UK, all genomic testing results, regardless of who provided the testing, are displayed on the portal.  The portal is also free to access to all our members and is a completely independent tool to help you make decisions on your herd.  

Access the Genomic Results Portal 



Requesting Genomic Tests

Genomic tests can be requested through WebReg during the calf registration process; via the Member Section of the Holstein UK website or by telephoning the Holstein UK Membership Services team on 01923 695200.


Additional Information

For more information about our genomic testing offering, view our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Holstein UK Membership Services team on 01923 695200

Holstein UK also offers competitively priced tissue sampling ear tags through the Approved Registered Cattle scheme. Visit the website to view the full range of tags on offer: