The Scottish Club was launched in 1945 and was known as the Friesian Breeders Club.  Alex Wilson, of the then Paisley Market, was instrumental in its’ inauguration with many successful registration sales held at the Market.  It became the Scottish Holstein Friesian Breeders Club in the late 80’s, however this name change was met with a great deal of controversy. Alex Wilson, Grandson of its’ founder, says it was very much a case of “it’s aye been” and members weren’t keen to change the name!  In the late 90’s at the time of the merger of Holstein UK and Ireland, the Scottish Club was split geographically and became known as Holstein Scotland South and Holstein Scotland North.  There are around 200 members from the four clubs affiliated to Scotland, namely, the South West, Lanarkshire, West of Scotland and Kintyre.  

The Club has a very successful Young Breeder contingent who can boast winning the All Breeds All Britain Calf Show no fewer than three times.  We have also had three Presidents medal winners; and the Scottish Club were the first to win the team award at UK Dairy Day. Arguably though, the ultimate cherry on the cake for the Club, was last year when The Brewster family of the Boclair herd were awarded the esteemed title, Holstein UK Premier Pedigree Herd.  David and John Brewster, who have enjoyed years of success, claiming multiple titles at regional and national level are the onlyScottish Breeders everto have lifted this prestigious award.  

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