Holstein UK registers both Holsteins and British Friesians into our Herd Book. In 2020, we registered 185,000 full pedigree animals. The percentage of Holstein or Friesian contained within an animal’s ancestry is clearly denoted on pedigree certificates and on website factsheets.

Benefits of Registration

  • Pedigree animals consistently sell for a higher price than non-pedigree or commercial ones.
  • Full traceability of an animal’s ancestry through multiple generations.
  • Pedigree registration enables you to access vital genetic information on each animal e.g., production traits, pedigree index and PLI (Profitable Lifetime Index)
  • Ability to use other Holstein UK services including classification and genomic testing to help improve your herd.
  • Save vital time by applying for your cattle passports at the same as you submit your pedigree registrations.
  • Registrations are cost-effective as the value of pedigree easily outweighs the registration fees.
  • All registered animals can be viewed on the Holstein UK website, allowing you (and others) to immediately view an animal’s pedigree and genetic data.
  • The CIS Pedigree Packages offer, for a single fee, milk recording and pedigree registrations. Pedigree Packages can be enhanced to Complete which includes type classification and options to genomic test.

Over two-thirds of calf registrations are now submitted online via our WebReg application.

Members can also register calves by telephone Monday-Friday 8am-5pm on 0800 980 8565 or through other on-farm software programs.

Calf registrations should be submitted within 59 days of the animal’s date of birth,  Registrations can be submitted at 60 days and over on payment of an increased registration fee.

Members can choose whether they wish to receive a pedigree certificate for each calf registration. Updated registration certificates can be printed via the Member’s Area of the Holstein UK website or by contacting the Membership Services team.

Useful Information

Whole Herd Grade Up

Holstein UK offers a grading up procedure to enable members with non-pedigree animals to start the process to become pedigree. A Whole Herd Grade Up offer is open to all members with non-pedigree animals, irrespective of numbers. Only one application will be accepted per member, so it is important that all non-pedigree animals are applied for.

Whole Herd Grade Up Process