UK Dairy Expo 2024 - Red and White
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Red & Whites

Judge: Daniel Bacon


Junior Calf (6)

1st Pearsgill Redeye Flagstone Red - G Ogden

2nd Carrock Ranger Abbie - Buckabank Farm Ltd

3rd Linglane Noway Lululemon Red - B & G Donald

4th Panda Olympic Icon Red - Panda Holsteins

5th Ceeingred Rager Rachel Red - G & A McCormick

6th Brownfield Rager Linda Red - R C Gemmel


Senior Calf (5)

1st Panda Cheesecake Red - Panda Holsteins

2nd Panda O’Krumble Red - Panda Holsteins

3rd Jackpot Willows Jodie Red - Jack Watts

4th Newmeadow Cutielicious - Newmeadow Holsteins

5th Newtonmoss Diamondback Pauline Red - Messrs Fisher


Junior Heifer (11)

1st Panda Leedham O’Cutie Red - Panda Holsteins

2nd Slatabogie Willows Avina Red 2 - Newmeadow Holsteins

3rd Wolfa Rager Annabelle Red - Messrs M Armstrong

4th Carldanton Rager Adventageous Red - B & G Donald

5th Norwoodbrae Jord Marq Red - David Howat

6th Swaites Bride 25 - John Adamson & Son


Senior Heifer (4)

1st Drointon Jordy Promis Red - A & D Mackellar

2nd Styche JP Doral Frieda Red - Toi Toi Genetics & Arrell Family

3rd Firstlook Blacklabel Aperol Spritz Red - Firstlook Genetics

4th Hillhead Rimrock Cinnamon - Neathervalley Holsteins & S Esquierdo


Junior Championship

Champion: Panda Leedham O’Cutie Red - Panda Holsteins

Reserve: Slatabogie Willows Avina Red 2 - Newmeadow Holsteins

Honourable Mention: Panda Cheesecake Red - Panda Holsteins


2 Year Old in Milk (6)

1st Logan Latenite Shania - Brian & Michael Yates

2nd Sterndale Doral Jodie Red - Scott Forsyth

3rd Topstone Mirand P Kalyco Red - A H Wilson & Son

4th Newtonmoss Diamondback Vaakje Red - Newmeadows Holsteins

5th Ceeingred Jordy Atlee Red - G & A McCormick

6th Parkend Mirand Starlet Red - Brian Weatherup & Partner


3 Year Old in Milk (1)

1st Drointon Jordy Edna Red - A & D Mackellar


Senior Cow in Milk (3)

1st Nethervalley Awesome Rosanne Red - AH Wilson & Son

2nd Riverdane Miss Awesome Strawberry Red - Riverdane Holsteins

3rd Meiklefirth Army Kalibra Red - David & Claire Jones


Senior Championship

Champion: Nethervalley Awesome Rosanne Red - AH Wilson & Son

Reserve: Riverdane Miss Awesome Strawberry Red - Riverdane Holsteins

Honourable Mention: Logan Latenite Shania - Brian & Michael Yates

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