UK Dairy Expo 2024 - Holsteins
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours


Judge: Ben Govett


Autumn Calf (23)

1st Ingleview Loyal Gail - R & E Butterfield

2nd Ingleden Harmony Galilee - Messrs Williamson

3rd Panda Leedham Lady Gaga RC - Panda & Leedham Holsteins

4th Woodcatt Bullseye Rowena - DR & HM Horsley

5th Drointon Royal Virtue - Calum Gray

6th Ingleview Army Diamonds 4 - R & E Butterfield


Summer Calf (22)

1st Panda Cheesecake Red - Panda Holsteins

2nd Logan Luster Phantasy - Brian & Michael Yates

3rd Arranview Sidekick Locket - G Lawrie

4th Ingleden Cascade Carolyn 2 - Messrs Williamson

5th Potts Abella Davinci - B & G Donald

6th Riverdane KD Ambrosia, TLC - M Roberts, M Thornton


Spring Calf (22)

1st Panda Rita Ora RC - Panda & Rathard Holsteins

2nd Wolfa Delta-Lambda Sue - Messrs M Armstrong

3rd Overside Grayridge Dynasty Diamond - Grayridge Holsteins

4th Denmire Dropbox Marie - Messrs Dennison

5th Crossfell Legend Erle - Crossfell Holsteins

6th Crossfell Victor Milla - Crossfell Holsteins


Winter Yearling (16)

1st Arranview Solomon Raquel - G Lawrie

2nd Feizor Sidekick M Kandie - Newmeadow Holsteins

3rd Wormanby Pepper Kitty 3 - Wormanby Farms Ltd

4th Richaven Sidekick Stocking - R A Bown

5th Snowview Sidekick Dandy - Messrs Wilson

6th Hillbarn Summerfest Jasmine 66 - Jack Watts


Autumn Yearling (8)

1st Riverdane Artist Atlee - Messrs Awde

2nd Absolute Sidekick Advocaat - Crossfell Holsteins

3rd Newbirks Crushabull Jazz 2019 - A Lawson & Son

4th Hailstone Thunderstorm Sheila - Hailstone Holsteins

5th Chasmar Drointon Oakfield Chief Flo - Michael Owens

6th Woodcatt Tropic Roxy - DR & HM Horsley


Senior Yearling (7)

1st Evening Sidekick Jennifer 4 - Scott Forsyth

2nd Firstlook Blacklabel Aperol Spritz Red - Firstlook Genetics

3rd Pearsgill Chief Roza - G Ogden

4th Vetech Chief Sheri 3 - Jackson Family & David Wright

5th Crossfell Alongside Noel - Crossfell Holstein

6th Nethervalley Chief Sara - Nethervalley Holsteins & S Esquierdo


Junior Championship

Champion: Riverdane Artist Atlee - Messrs Awde

Reserve: Absolute Sidekick Advocaat - Crossfell Holsteins

Honourable Mention: Ingleview Loyal Gail - R & E Butterfield


Interbreed Heifer Champion

Holstein: Riverdane Artist Atlee - Messrs Awde



Milking Yearling (5)

1st Wormanby Lambda Allie - Wormanby Farms Ltd

2nd Firstlook Jones Lexi Red - Firstlook Genetics & Jones Holsteins

3rd Tregibby Chief Fran - AH Wilson & Son

4th Boclair Lambda Hope - Greentowers Farms Ltd

5th Stair Lambda Marie - Neil Sloan & G & G Templeton


Winter Junior 2 Year Old (5)

1st Firstlook Jackpot Sara - Firstlook Genetics & Jackpot Holsteins

2nd Logan Latenite Shania - Brian & Michael Yates

3rd Davlea Chief Lulu 3 - O & R Reed

4th Bectonhall Truxton Bess - T & M Irving

5th Knoweside Army Deroute - N Sloan & G & G Templeton


Junior 2 Year Old in Milk (16)

1st Crossfell Thunderstorm Noel - Crossfell Holsteins

2nd Berryholme Chief Rose - H Wright & Son

3rd Carldanton Chiefs Springsteen - Anthony Grimshaw

4th Sterndale Mischief Rae - W J Nadin & Co

5th Bailmoor Crushabull U Finzi - Coates Family

6th Overside Lambda Crimson 2 - Nethervalley Holsteins & S Esquierdo


Senior 2 Year Old (7)

1st Wolfa Chief Sue - Newmeadow Holsteins

2nd Topstone Denver Atlee - Churchvale Holsteins

3rd Designer Brady Alicia - AH Wilson & Son

4th Riverdane Darling Ashlyn - Riverdane Holsteins

5th Lesmay Dalliance Patent - Brian Weatherup & Partners

6th Bectonhall King Doc Mahala - T & M Irving


Junior 3 Year Old in Milk (9)

1st Clydeview Sidekick Matilda - Nethervalley Holsteins & S Esquierdo

2nd Crossfell Crushabull Magic - Crossfell Holsteins

3rd Blythbridge Roy Maureen - Laird Family

4th Nethervalley K Doc Lorna - Nethervalley Holsteins & S Esquierdo

5th Newbirks Gucci Pepper Jazz - A Lawson & Son

6th Walkabout Lambda Quince - David & Claire Jones


Senior 3 Year Old in Milk (9)

1st Blydale Chief Lynn - N Sloan & G & G Templeton

2nd Newbirks Salt Jazz 1932 - A Lawson & Son

3rd Vetech Pepper Kim - Nethervalley & S Esquierdo

4th Wiskemanor Doc Satin - T D Goldie & Son

5th BB Frazzled Brittany - BB Holsteins

6th Beaconhill Sidekick Rae 2 - O & R Reed


Intermediate Championship

Champion: Clydeview Sidekick Matilda, Nethervalley Holsteins & S Esquierdo

Reserve: Wolfa Chief Sue, Newmeadow Holsteins

Honourable Mention: Firstlook Jackpot Sara, Firstlook Genetics & Jackpot Holsteins


4 Year Old in Milk (14)

1st MAG Pandor - Laird Family & Ferme Blondin

2nd Grangehall Pepper Whiterose - Messrs Laurie

3rd Riverdane Crushtime Beauty - Riverdane Holsteins

4th Clonvalley Pepper Bubble - Nethervalley Holstein & S Esquierdo

5th Richaven Diamondback Mahala - R A Bown

6th Carldanton Victor Springsteen - Anthony Grimshaw


5 Year Old in Milk (5)

1st Riverdane Chief Lila Z - Riverdane Holsteins

2nd Evening Sidekick Jennifer - Evening Holsteins

3rd Riverdane Chief Sharon - Riverdane Holsteins

4th Wormanby Victor Anita - Wormanby Farms Ltd

5th Richaven Impression Adeen - R A Bown


Mature Cow in Milk (4)

1st Richaven MVP Gloria - R A Bown

2nd Saxelby Jazznight Sallie - R A Bown

3rd Berryholme Callen Rae - R & M Scott

4th Riverdane Awesome Avis - Riverdane Holsteins


Production Cow (3)

1st Drointon Flashy G Babydoll - A & D Mackellar

2nd Carldanton Chief Springsteen - Anthony Grimshaw

3rd Wormanby Capital Capricious - Wormanby Farms Ltd


Grand Championship

Champion: MAG Pandor - Laird Family & Ferme Blondin

Reserve: Clydeview Sidekick Matilda - Nethervalley Holsteins & S Esquierdo

Honourable Mention: Riverdane Chief Lila Z - Riverdane Holsteins


Interbreed Champion

Holstein: MAG Pandor - Laird Family & Ferme Blondin

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