21 Nov 2023

Buyer beware when genomic testing pedigree females!

Pedigree females are routinely being genomic tested via a range of companies in the UK.

As part of this process, the genomic profile (genotype) is sent to AHDB for UK evaluation (regardless of whether a UK evaluation has been requested). If the genotype is incompatible with the pedigree parent(s), AHDB will notify the testing company of a ‘parentage conflict’. AHDB will also commonly suggest a discovered parent. If the discovered parentage is accepted, WITHOUT NOTIFYING NBDC, then the pedigree status of the animal may be affected. AHDB supplies NBDC with the parentage used in the genomic evaluation at the same time as the genomic results are released.


Starting from 1st January 2024:

A pedigree female with a genomic result calculated using parentage that differs from its pedigree, will have its Herdbook status changed to EX HERDBOOK. EX Herdbook females cannot have pedigree certificates issued and any new progeny will be placed in registration suspense. It will only be possible to restore full pedigree status by contacting the NBDC Genomics and DNA team and EITHER:

  1. Agreeing that the pedigree can be amended to reflect the parent(s) discovered via genomics.


  1. Providing evidence of an issue which invalidates the parentage discovered via genomics, such as a mix up in DNA sample at collection.


For further information please contact the Genomic and DNA team;

Phone Emma Smith on 01923 695278  or email