03 Apr 2024

2024 Master Breeders Announced

It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of the Holstein UK Master Breeder Awards for 2024.

Beaconhill - A J & W J Reed

Bridgelane - C H Shropshire & Son

Hollafrench - W P Jose

Hurcott - P B Sutton & Partners

Panda - Panda Holsteins

Penwindsor - J E R, J & J C M Whitehead

Sherdon - J C Palmer

Simlahill - N & S McCann

Wiltor - D W & C E Jones

Wintersell - The Downing Partnership

This prestigious award recognises herds that excel in classification, production, and longevity. Those females bred by the herd who have produced a recorded lactation within the past two years receive points which are averaged to determine the winning herds.

Holstein UK's Head of Breed Development, Meurig James, congratulated the 10 herds who received the Master Breeder Award on behalf of Holstein UK. Obtaining this prestigious award is the pinnacle of achievement for all members who breed cattle that are recognised for their production, conformation, health, and longevity. As we celebrate winners' achievements across the country over the coming months, I look forward to seeing them collect their awards.

Congratulations all!