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This section of the site is dedicated to the Holstein UK Journal. The Journal is produced six times a year, reporting on current issues, news, events and updates on the dairy industry, the Holstein and British Friesian breeds and the Society. To subscribe to The Journal and receive the latest issues on time, please download the relevant form which can be found below. Subscribers of The Journal are now eligible for Dairy Pro points as Holstein UK develops a relationship with Dairy Pro. Dairy Pro is the UK dairy industry's first ever register for professional development. If you subscribe to The Journal, you can add this to your Dairy Pro account. Find out more about Dairy Pro.

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Upcoming Features

Issue Feature Featured Club Deadline
August 2017 Dairy Day Special North Wales 16 June 2017
October 2017 Holstein Young Breeders Northern Ireland 18 Aug 2017
December 2017 Breeder Achievements Scotland TBC


In this month's edition

April 2017 issue

The June Journal is themed ‘Genomics’.

You have your frequently asked questions answered, you can learn more about genomics at Holstein UK, and read our genomics breeders forum with four members across the UK.

There are herd features from Hennikers and Guston, Wiltor and Sahara and Boghill and Glamour, as well as the Futureproof herd from the Northumbria Club.

And that's not all, you can read our Q&A with the owners of the #1 PLI heifer in the UK, and #5 PLI genomic bull in the UK, Prehen, as well as show reports from the Western Spring Show, Celtic Dairy Showcase and Balmoral.


Future Editions

In August, we have a UK Dairy Day Special. We will be looking at the cow families of the past three Champions from the National Holstein Show held at UK Dairy Day, as well as a six page UK Dairy Day preview and features from NBDC looking at the Lifetime Yield Awards that are given at the show.

We will also be taking a look at the Evening and Davlea herds, as well as featuring the regular Sire in the Spotlight and Bull Blogs - which will be a Friesian special!

The featured Club is North Wales, and instead of looking at one herd, you will hear from the Club Secretary, Dyfrig Hughes, about the 'Magnificent Seven'; seven young members that are starting herds of their own, or helping improve their family's herd.

There will also be articles about travelling with animals and a roung up of the past events: Premier Pedigree Herd Open Day, HYB National Competitions Day, Royal Highland Show, the Holstein Celebration and the Gold Cup Open Day.


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