HYB National Competitions Day
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Linear Assessment Results


1st: Isla Arrell (Shropshire)

2nd: Thomas Sanderson (Lancashire)

3rd: Frank Griffin (East Midlands)

4th: Ollie Hay (Border & Lakeland)



1st: Iwan Thomas (South Wales)

2ns: Ben Gratton (Derbyshire)

3rd: Harry Orr (Northern Ireland)

4th: George Thomas (East Midlands)



1st: Cari Thomas (Cornwall)

2nd: Steven Harris (Cornwall)

3rd: Ellie Fisher (Border & Lakeland)

4th: Fiona Birtles (Shropshire)


Junior Team

1st: Isla Arrell and Lowri Morris (Shropshire)

2nd: Thomas Sanderson and Thomas Herd (Lancashire)

3rd: Frank and Mark Griffin (East Midlands)

4th: Alfie and Ollie Hay (Border & Lakeland)


Intermediate Team

1st: Nia and Iwan Thomas (South Wales)

2nd: Ben Gratton and Jess Langton (Derbyshire)

3rd: Margaret and George Thomas (East Midlands)

4th: Harry Orr and Ryan McKnight (Northern Ireland)


Senior Team

1st: Cari Thomas and Steven Harris (Cornwall)

2nd: Will Horsley and Ellie Fisher (Border & Lakeland)

3rd: Arwel and Owain Thomas (South Wales)

4th: Fiona Birtles and Rob Higgins (Shropshire)


Full Results - Junior

  Name   Club   Individual Score  
  Isla Arrell   Shropshire   68  
  Thomas Sanderson   Lancashire   78  
  Frank Griffin   East Midlands   84*  
  Ollie Hay   Border & Lakeland   84*  
  Lowri Morris   Shropshire   85  
  Thomas Herd   Lancashire   91  
  Alfie Hay   Border & Lakeland   92  
  Owen Hughes   Derbyshire   92  
  Jasmin Hughes   Derbyshire   92  
  Max Watson   Northern Ireland   93  
  Abi Palmer   Staffordshire   101  
  James Patton   Northern Ireland   106  
  Charlotte Moore   Western   110  
  Sophie Bowes   Western   111  
  Hanna Evans   South Wales   112  
  Alfie Hall   North East   114  
  Mark Griffin   East Midlands   127  
  Isaac Davies   South Wales   129  
  Charlie Hall   North East   130  


  Name   Club   Individual Score  
  Iwan Thomas   South Wales   67  
  Ben Gratton   Derbyshire   74  
  Harry Orr   Northern Ireland   78  
  George Thomas   East Midlands   79*  
  Jess Langton   Derbyshire   79*  
  Nia Thomas   South Wales   85  
  Izzy Smith   Shropshire   86  
  Margaret Thomas   East Midlands   87  
  Katie Thompson   North East   87  
  Ryan McKnight   Northern Ireland   90  
  Sioned Morris   Shropshire   91  
  Peter Cotton   Staffordshire   91  
  Jodie Nutsford   Western   91  
  Daniel Weaver   Staffordshire   92  
  Hattie Jackson   Lancashire   93  
  Thomas Ball   Western   94  
  Emma Dunkley   North East   96  
  George Gregory   South & Wiltshire   99  
  William Neale   Cornwall   102  
  Caitlin Townley   Lancashire   117  


  Name   Club   Individual Score  
  Cari Thomas   Cornwall   59  
  Steven Harris   Cornwall   60  
  Ellie Fisher   Border & Lakeland   61  
  Fiona Birtles   Shropshire   66*  
  Mark Whitehurst   Staffordshire   66*  
  Lauren Hull   Lancashire   67  
  Owain Thomas   South Wales   67  
  Arwel Thomas   South Wales   69  
  Will Horsley   Border & Lakeland   70  
  Lizzy Mercer   Western   70  
  Rob Higgins   Western   71  
  Stephen Crozier   North East   72  
  Hannah Booth   Lancashire   74  
  John Mclean   Northern Ireland   74  
  Larissa Jones   Western   74  
  Olivia Mills   Derbyshire   81  
  Libby Turner   Derbyshire   83  
  Rosie Bennett   Devon   83  
  Heather Martin   Northern Ireland   83  
  Phil Wilson   Staffordshire   83  
  Andrew Thomas   East Midlands   85  
  Hannah Fitzsimmonds   East Midlands   87  
  Lizzie Bradley   North East   87  

*Placing determined on most correct linears

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