HYB Field-2-Foto Competition 2023
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours


Judge: Molly Westwood

Clipping C Team

National Clipping Competition

1 Jack King & Max Watson Northern Ireland
2 Gilbert Loader & Harvey Phillips South West

Clipping B Team

1 Rhys Jones & Isaac Davies South Wales
2 Jack Wilson & Joseph Bowness Border & Lakeland
3 Lisa Langley & Archie Cobb South West
4 Adam Torrens & Matthew McLean Northern Ireland

Clipping A Team

National Clipping Competition The Ivomec Perpetual Trophy

1 Jonny Woodhouse & Thomas Herd Lancashire
2 Cameron McGregor & Kaitlyn Mcormick Scotland
3 Ben Coates & Nia Thomas Yorkshire
4 Will Horsley & Ollie Hay Border & Lakeland


Judges: Claire Cox & Lyn Smith

Washing C Team

1 Josie Davies & Sebb Cobb South West
2 Jack Orr & David Hamilton Northern Ireland

Washing B Team

1 Katie Watson & Neil Hodge Scotland
2 John Hamilton & James Gregg Northern Ireland
3 Pippa Tudor & Abbey Dunlop Shropshire
4 Maisie Threlfall & Anna Morley Border & Lakeland

Washing A Team

1 Torie Wilson & Abbie Fisher

Border & Lakeland

2 Rory Scott & Max Bryson Scotland
3 Lewis Gibbin & Elgan Thomas South Wales
4 Will Moore & Mark Griffin East Midlands


Judge: Nicky Lockyer

Showmanship C Team

1 Annabel Cobb South West
2 Isabella Gregg Northern Ireland

Showmanship B Team

1 Ellis Caldwell Scotland
2 Justina Langley South West
3 Ava Montgomery Northern Ireland
4 Tom Ball Shropshire

Showmanship A Team

1 Alfie Hay Border & Lakeland
2 Tom Dennison Lancashire
3 Sarah Shannon Republic of Ireland
4 Alison Lawrie Scotland


Judge: Lucinda Morgan

Photography Team

1 Northern Ireland  
2 South West  

Photography B Team

1 Shropshire  
2 Scotland  
3 Northern Ireland
4 Border & Lakeland  

Photography A Team

1 Northern Ireland  
2 Staffordshire  
3 Derbyshire  
4 Border & Lakeland  

Overall Team

Overall Team C Team

1 Northern Ireland  
2 South West  

Overall Team B Team

1 Scotland  
2 Northern Ireland  
3 Shropshire  
4 South & West  

Overall Team A Team

1 Border & Lakeland  
2 Scotland  
3 Lancashire  
4 South Wales  

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Rules & Regulations

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