Great Yorkshire Show 2023
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: Jane Arrell


Maiden Heifer Class A

1. Chasmar Rubels Ann 380, P Cotton

2. Whinchat Chief Farrah 6, A C Birkle

3. Feizor Rubels A Kandie Red, W A & A Booth

4. Holben Sidekick Bunny, B & H Dyer

5. Darison Swingman Raquel Red, D & A Shepherd

6. Ingleview Attic Roxie, R & E Butterfield


Maiden Heifer Class B

1. Bailmoor BHC Mirand Apple Red, Coate Family

2. Huntholme Eva 36, M Southwell & Partners

3. Crystalclear Haniko Bayley, ML Farming

4. Studdah Willows Lucy Red 4, J Pratt & Son, J Robinson & K Bainbridge

5. Tofthill Denver Thea, J Swales

6. Lightning Golden Impala, J M Wilson


Heifer In Calf

1. Meldamar Applicable Vogue 190, J M & D Shepherd & Sons

2. Ingleview Kingdoc Gail, R & E Butterfield

3. Ewemoo Lambda Appleena, M & D Wilson

4. Crystalclear Tropic Shiraz, ML Farming


Cow in Calf

1. Ingleview Jane Jared, R & E Butterfield

2. Huntholme Zebra Kitty 51, M Southwell & Partners


Heifer In Milk

1. Feizor Mirand A Kandie Red, W A & A Booth

2. Evening Sidekick Farrah, L Lancaster

3. Manorhaven Rhodesia Ashlyn, S & S Wood

4. Richmark Rita Dora P Red, ML Farming & James Danforth

5. Whinchat King Doc Tippy, A C Birkle

6. Bailmoor Crushabull S Paradise, Coates Family


Junior Cow in Milk

1. Bailmoor BHC Crushabull B Abbiene, Coates Family

2. Whinchat Jordy Amy, A C Birkle

3. Meldamar Victor Belle 96, J M & D Shepherd & Sons

4. Manorhaven CMJ Ashlyn, S & S Wood

5. Hailstone Lighthouse Sheila, M & D Wilson

6. Whinchat Artisan Melissa Red, A C Birkle


Intermediate Cow 

1. Shawdale Solomon Fools Gold 6, D, M & J Booth


Senior Cow

1. Meldamar Octane Eilwen 97, J M & D Shepherd & Sons

2. Ingleview Solomon Roxie, R & E Butterfield

3. Meldamar Envious Celeste 28, J M & D Shepherd & Sons

4. Washfold Blanche 44, Metcalfe Farms


Group of Three

1. J M & D Shepherd & Sons

2. A C Birkle

3. R & E Butterfield

4. M & D Wilson


Family or Progeny Pair

1. Coates Family

2. R & E Butterfield

3. M & D Wilson

4. J M Wilson


Champion: Bailmoor BHC Crushabull B Abbiene

Reserve: Feizor Mirand A Kandie Red

HM: Whinchat Jordy Amy

Rules & Regulations

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