19 Jul 2021

Holstein Young Breeders to Compete for National Recognition

Holstein Young Breeders (HYB), part of the Holstein UK Group, provides educational, training and networking opportunities for young people with an interest in dairying. As part of its programme to educate the next generation, Holstein UK are delighted to announce that the National Competitions Day will be taking place on Saturday 14thAugust.

Taking place at Hallon Farms near Bridgnorth in Shropshire, the event will feature both stock judging and linear assessment competitions. The stock judging classes will require all competitors to give reasons to the Master Judge and the linear assessment will ask competitors to judge a class of four animals and they will be judged by one of Holstein UK’s Classifiers.

Having merged with the HYB Weekend Rally in recent years, National Competitions Day hasn’t taken place as a standalone event since 2017. The event will see members nominated by their Clubs to represent the Club at a national level against keen young breeders. Each Club is able to nominate two members for each of the junior, intermediate and senior categories for both the stock judging and linear assessment competitions, plus a reserve for each category.

Once the competitive element of the day is complete, competitors will participate in other activities which may include seminars, practical workshops, mini competitions and a farm walk. This is all part of the HYB’s objective to develop vital skills in the next generation to enhance knowledge and understanding of cattle breeding and management. The event also enables the members to meet, network and make friends with other passionate young breeders.  

Hannah Williams, Holstein UK Head of Events and Marketing, commented, “We are very pleased that we’re able to go ahead with the National Competitions Day in Shropshire after such a long break from events due to Covid. The event brings likeminded young breeders together from across the UK and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone come back together to showcase their talents, socialise and learn something new.”