Club Calf Show Results 2020

East Anglia  |  South & Wiltshire  |  Yorkshire

East Anglia

We are the new East Anglia HYB , from the amalgamation of the Suffolk and Norfolk clubs. With all our shows having been cancelled, including our calf show, we decided to hold an online Calf Show during the school summer holiday. Our members did very well selecting, preparing, and photographing their calves and handling skills. Everyone seemed to enjoy the challenge and the new experience of photography with good results from everyone. I think our judges were impressed! Fran and Lewis Baugh (Neatishall) very kindly agreed to be our judges, and a big thank you to them for their time and support.




1. Molly Bolderston

2. Charlie Ward


1. Freya Wright

2. Charlie Bolderston


1. Claire Cletheroe

2. Laura Marsh

Champion: Freya Wright

Reserve Champion: Claire Cletheroe

Honourable Mention: Laura Marsh


Born on 01/03/2020 onwards

1. Harrys Harvest Primrose

Born 28/02/2020 - 31/03/2020

1. Gemini Awesome Milly Red

Born 01/12/2019 - 31/01/2020

1. Gemini Awesome Marion Red

2. Binham Silver Betty 2

Born 01/10/2019 - 30/11/2019

1. Gemini Quaich Rosie Red 2

2. Gemini Quaich Brandy 2

Born 01/08/2019 - 30/09/2019

1. Airfield Lustre Bretta

2. Gemini Awesome Ragtime

Born 01/06/2019 - 31/07/2019

1. Binham Silver Betty

Born 01/04/2019 - 31/05/2019

1. Boldstar Famous Pearl

Red & White (any age)

1. Gemini Awesome Milly Red

Champion: Gemini Awesome Milly Red

Reserve Champion: Airfield Lustre Bretta

Honourable Mention: Gemini Awesome Marion

Freya Wright, Champion Handler


South & Wiltshire

Like many other shows this year, our Calf and Showmanship show was cancelled. However, we are already thinking ahead as a club to next year and are looking at dates to pencil in the diary. 

We did however include two classes into our Online Summer Cow show this year which was judged by Mr Jeff Daw. 


Senior Calf - 1 - 2 years old Born 1st Sept 2018 – 31st Aug 2019

1. Westleaze Darlingo Marbella (Born 22/06/2019) - Exhibitor Sam Clarke (Senior HYB Member)

2. Boxbrook 1st Grade Arita - Exhibitor G Gregory 

Class 1 - Junior Calf 1 year and under – Born 1st Sept 2019 – 31st Aug 2020

1. Boxbrook Undenied Lilly 2 - Born 24/01/20 - Exhibitor George Gregory (Intermediate HYB Member)

2. Westleaze Arbor Elegance - Exhibitor S Clarke

Westleaze Darlingo Marbella



The Yorkshire club were determined not to be completely scuppered by Covid-19 and held a virtual calf show in September, where HYB members showed their calves via video. It was a great opportunity for younger members to practice their calf preparation skills without the pressure of an actual show. Also learning the art of marketing stock via the web. Congratulations to all members who made an effort to prepare, train & video the calves. Our grateful thanks to Mike Halliwell for judging and also his great written commentary on each class. 

August Class

1. Bailmoor BHC Crushabull B Abbiene - Coates family

October Class Results

1. Joylan King D Roxy  - Harry & Molly Collins

2. Bailmoor Yamaska S Twinkle - Coates family 

December Class Results

1. Huntholme Unix Kitty 87  - Chapman family

2. Davlea Crushtime Lulu - Coates family

February Class Results

1. Bailmoor BHC Doorman D Kandie - Coates family

2. Winton Crushtime Chartreuse - Waring family


Champion: Bailmoor BHC Crushabull B Abbiene - Coates family

Reserve Champion: Joylan King D Roxy - Harry & Molly Collins

Honourable Mention: Huntholme Unix Kitty 87 - Chapman family