Results from the ABAB Calf Show

Having not taken place since 2019, the All Breeds All Britain Calf Show returned to the East of England Showground for a fantastic showcase of expert young handlers and pedigree dairy calves from across the UK. 

The Show took place from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th October and saw over 260 calves and 140 young handlers come together for the annual event which represents the Ayrshire, British Friesian, Brown Swiss, Dairy Shorthorn, Guernsey, Holstein and Jersey breeds.

With calves arriving from midday on the Friday, the young breeders were left to settle in with their animals before watching Showmanship demonstrations relating to their relevant breeds in the evening. These demonstrations, led by the Master Showmanship Judges provided a great insight into what each Judge would be looking for, along with lots of useful tips and tricks to help them place higher in the internationally recognised competition.

On the Saturday morning, Holstein Showmanship Judge Brian Weatherup welcomed young breeders to the ring to showcase their talent and for him to determine who would be crowned as this year’s Champion Handler. Judge Stuart Williams took to the Coloured Breed’s Ring to help determine their winner.

There were four classes for the Holstein leaders, split by age with Brian selecting Matthew Hodgson from the Border & Lakeland Club as his winner of the Junior Class. In the Intermediate Class, Lillie Jones from the Western Club was in first place with Rosie Dennison from Lancashire winning the Senior Class and Neil Sloan from Scotland placing first in the Matures. Rosie took home the title of Champion, followed by Neil as Reserve and Natasha Kirby, who placed second in the Mature Class, as Honourable Mention.

Sunday’s National Holstein Calf Show, judged by Mr Ben Yates, featured over 140 calves that had qualified at Club Calf Shows across the UK. The December born Wolfa Doorman Celicia 2, owned by William Horsley from the Border & Lakeland Club, was awarded the Champion title with Absolute Doorman Shes a Belter from Absolute Genetics (Lancashire) coming in as Reserve Champion, followed by Grayridge, Drointon & TLC Holstein’s Drointon TLC Jordy OK Seisme from the Scotland Club as Honourable Mention.

In addition to the Team Awards, Holstein UK presented a number of other awards during the annual event. 

The Dick Stapleton Award was presented to Zoe Clear from Stonebridge Jerseys for her dedication and passion shown throughout the weekend, along with her support and encouragement of the younger breeders.

The Littlestar Award was presented to Rory Scott from the Scotland Club for his outstanding application and interview in front of the panel of judges consisting of Holstein UK President John Jamieson, Holstein UK Board Member Jane Whittaker and Semex Representative Richard Green.

The Louise Hartley Award was introduced in 2017 in memory of Lancashire HYB member Louise Hartley who sadly lost her battle to cancer in 2016. The award was presented to Jodie Nutsford of the Western Club in recognition of her commitment to her Club and the Holstein breed. 

Keep an eye out in the December edition of The Journal for a full report.

Holstein Showmanship Classes

Judge: Brian Weatherup

Class 2: Junior Holstein Showman (12 years of age or under on 1st January 2021) 

1. Matthew Hodgson (Border & Lakeland)

2. Tom Dennison (Lancashire)

3. Ava Montgomery (Northern Ireland)

4. Honor Coombes (South West)

5. Kyle Scott (Scotland)

6. Joe Kirkham (Staffordshire)

7. Izzy Lee (Yorkshire)

8. Lily Cleave (Devon)

9. Alfie Hall (North Eastern)

10. Celyn Wilson (South Wales)


Class 4: Intermediate Holstein Showman (Aged 13 to 15yrs on January 1st 2021) 

1. Lilie Jones (Western)

2. Connor Wharton (Border & Lakeland)

3. Beth Murch (Devon)

4.  Isabel Phillips (South West)

5.  Sinead O’Neill (Shropshire)

6.  Rory Scott (Scotland)

7. Jeremy Jackson (Lancashire)

8. Corey Potter (North Wales)

9. Issaac Davies (South Wales)

10. Jess Thorpe (Cornwall)


Class 6: Senior Holstein Showman (Aged 16 to 20yrs on January 1st 2021) 

1. Rosie Dennison (Lancashire)

2. Izzy Smith (Shropshire)

3. Anna Goldie (North Eastern)

4.  Mark Bryson (Scotland)

5.  Lucy Atkinson (North Eastern)

6.  Jack Wilson (Border & Lakeland)

7. Peter Cotton (Staffordshire)

8. Jodie Nutsford (Western)

9. Emily Davis (Devon)

10. William Neale (Cornwall)


Class 8: Mature Holstein Showman (Aged 21 to 27yrs on January 1st 2021)

1. Neil Sloan (Scotland)

2. Natasha Kirby (Lancashire)

3. Ifan Wilson (South Wales)

4. Will Horsley (Border & Lakeland)

5. Larissa Jones (Western)

6. Lizzie Bradley (North Eastern)

7. Lauren Henry (Northern Ireland)

8. Jo Langley (South West)

9. Lydia Griffiths (Yorkshire)

10. Andrew Thomas (East Midlands)


Holstein Showmanship Championship

Judge: Brian Weatherup

Champion: Rosie Dennison

Reserve Champion: Neil Sloan

Honourable Mention: Natasha Kirby


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Holstein Calf Classes

Judge: Mr Ben Yates

Holstein Calf Class 9 Born between 1st April & 31st May 2021

15 forward

1. Auchensala Snapchat, Absolute Genetics (Lancashire)

2. Wormanby Moment Mahala, Wormanby Farms Ltd (Border & Lakeland)

3. Firstlook Alligator Sheri, J & S Doherty (Shropshire)

4. Crystalclear Army Britney, ML Farming (Yorkshire)

5. Loford Chief Divine, Frances & Arwyn Wilson (South Wales)

6. Designer Unstopabull Elegance, Designer Holsteins (South East)

7. Stowey Monopoly Danielle Red ET, Mackellar & Creeper (Staffordshire)

8. Mossbog Unstopabull Lola 2, GT & G Boreland (Scotland)

9. Widdenham Arrow Annie, Katie Evans (South & Wiltshire)

10. Katal Frank Rhapsody Master, A M Shirt & K A O'Neil (Derbyshire)


Holstein Calf Class 10 Born between 1st February & 31st March 2021

17 forward

1. Crossfell Crushabull Magic, Crossfell Holsteins (Border & Lakeland)

2. Berryholme Alligator Mitzie 2, H Wright & Son (Lancashire)

3. Wiltor Unix Dempsey, Wiltor Holsteins (West Midlands)

4. Katal Thunder Storm Vacation, Matt Norman (Devon)

5. Overside Secretariat Irina, David Gray (Scotland)

6. Tregibby Alongside Nugget, AH Wilson & Sons (South Wales)

7. Valebrook Miama Jessica 2, A J Langley & Son (South West)

8. Astonpool Stroke of Art, Astonpool Holsteins (Staffordshire)

9. Wigboro Fynn Belinda, Smith Farms (East Anglia)

10. Littlebridge Dempsey Honey 7, JL Miles & Sons (North Eastern)


Holstein Calf Class 11 Born between 1st December 2020 & 31st January 2021

11 forward

1. Wolfa Doorman Celicia 2, William Horsley (Border & Lakeland)

2. Absolute Doorman Shes a Belter, Absolute Genetics (Lancashire)

3. Ingleden Doc Joy, Border & Lakeland, Messrs Williamson (Border & Lakeland)

4. Racewood Royalcrush Zandra, Racewood Holsteins (Cornwall)    

5. Knowlesmere Lambda Bliss, A & J Whittaker (Shropshire)

6. Winkleigh Jordy Sally Red, RM, CE & IR Harris (Devon)

7. Glenmuir Denver Elizabeth, Andrew Struthers (Scotland)

8. Valebrook Lambda Rebecca, A J Langley & Son (South West)

9. Bailmoor Crushtime Ashlyn, Coates Family (Yorkshire)

10. Treetop Casper Peach, Treetop Holsteins (West Midlands)


Holstein Calf Class 12 Born between 1st October & 30th November 2020

17 forward

1. Evening King Doc Ashlyn, Evening Holsteins (Border & Lakeland)

2. Shoreline Kingdoc Helen, C & AJ Woodhouse (Lancashire)

3. Riverdane BBB Ghost, Riverdane Holsteins (Western)

4. Norville Diamonds are Forever, C & S Thomasson (Shropshire)

5. Arranview Unix Marie, Kevin Lawrie & Alison Hunter (Scotland)

6. Riverdane Darlingo Rowena, Riverdane Holsteins (Western)

7. Withamhall Oheme Tottie, C Miles (South West)

8. Astonpool B Denver Lynn, Astonpool Holsteins (Staffordshire)

9. Willsbro King Doc Amber 235, Steven Harris & Cari Thomas (Cornwall)

10. Tregibby Doorman Mona, AH Wilson & Sons (South Wales)


Holstein Calf Class 13 Born between 1st August & 30th September 2020

14 forward

1. Blydale Chief Lynn ET, Neil Sloan (Scotland)

2. Knowlesmere Artist Starlight, P & J Arrell (Shropshire)

3. Moorshard Toc Fitz Amanda, R K & S G Miller & Sons (South West)

4. Drointon Grayridge Royal Promis, Churchvale Holsteins (South Wales)

5. Holben Racey, Holben (South East)

6. Racewood Doorman Dellia, Racewood Holsteins (Cornwall)

7. Shoreline Rubels Helen, C & AJ Woodhouse (Lancashire)

8. Woodcatt Chief Roxy, D R & H M Horsley (Border & Lakeland)

9. Churchroyd Pepper Patricia, IRG Collins & Partners (Yorkshire)

10. Locklan Jaguar Twilight, Locklan Holsteins (Derbyshire)


Holstein Calf Class 14 Born between 1st June & 31st July 2020

13 forward

1. Berryholme Silvio Flo, James McNeil (Scotland)

2. Stowey Altitude Glory Red, R K & S G Miller & Sons (South West)

3. Wolston Undenied Roxy 2, AD & RM Thomas (East Midlands)

4. Lillyhall Fitz Hispan, Newera & Billincoat Holsteins (Lancashire)

5. Barmick CR Amy 3, MP & BJ Hollins & Son (Staffordshire)

6. Langpark Unstopabull Jetsy, G Bradley (North Eastern)

7. Racewood Denver Ambrosia, Racewood Holsteins (Cornwall)

8. Dulais Sidekick Ashlyn, Nev Roberts (South Wales)

9. Curscombe Maui Joy 204, CRJ & JA Bishop (Devon)

10. Katal Chief Autumn 3, A M Shirt & K A O'Neil (Derbyshire)


Holstein Calf Class 15 Born between 1st April & 31st May 2020

13 forward

1. Drointon TLC Jordy OK Seisme, Graybridge, Drointon & TLC Holsteins (Scotland)

2. Riverdane Tatoos Ashlyn, J & S Doherty and A Williams (Shropshire)

3. Peak Den Solo Rhapsody, George Thomas (East Midlands)

4. Wigboro Rubels Girl, Smith Farms (East Anglia)

5. Richaven Silver Squaw, M & D Wilson (Border & Lakeland)

6. Hayvalley Royal Ghost Red 2, A M Shirt & K A O’Neil (Derbyshire)

7. Larchwood Denver Patsy, Larchwood Holsteins (South Wales)

8. Wiltor Unix Cheerio, Wiltor Holsteins (West Midlands)

9. Designer Crushabull Adrienne, Designer Holsteins (South East)

10. Barmick Crushtime Dacis 24, MP & BJ Hollins & Son (Stafforshire)


Class 16 - Red & White Holstein Calf Born between 1st November 2020 & 31st May 2021

10 forward

1. Winkleigh Jordy Sally Red, RM, CE & IR Harris (Devon)

2. Lucke Altitude America ET, Luck-E Holsteins (Scotland)

3. Racewood Unstopabull Lila Z, Racewood Holsteins (Cornwall)

4. Cadog Shield Afligem Red, Kevin & Sian Rickard (South Wales)

5. Katal Jordy Laura Red, N J Robertson (South & Wiltshire)

6. Woodcatt Rubels Toffee Red, DR & HM Horsley (Border & Lakeland)

7. Crystalclear Integral Dazzler Red, ML Farming (Yorkshire)

8. Leedham Amaretto OK Red, R&S Kirk (East Midlands)

9. Stowey Monopoly Danielle Red ET, Mackellar & Creeper (Staffordshire)

10. Alkmonton Redtsar Mayflower Red 2, FT Lemon & Son (Derbyshire)


Class 17 – Red & White Holstein Calf Born between 1st April & 31st October 2020

11 forward

1. Carldanton Integral Dilly, B & G Donald (Border & Lakeland)

2. Stowey Altitude Glory Red , RK & SG Miller & Sons (South West)

3. Shoreline Addison Tina Red, C & AJ Woodhouse (Lancashire)

4. Pinupgirl Reeve Sangria Red, Gillian Weatherup (Scotland)

5. Hayvalley Royal Ghost Red 2, AM Shirt & KA O’Neil (Derbyshire)

6. Littlebridge Unstopabull Promis Red, JL Miles & Sons (North Eastern)

7. Drointon Jordy DB Seisme Red, Emily Gay (Devon)

8. Panda Unstopabull Red, Ricky & Emma Jones (South Wales)

9. Panda Unique Cheerleader Red ET, Designer Holsteins (South East)

10. Nonstop Warrior Shelby Red (Staffordshire)


Overall Red & White Calf

Carldanton Integral Dilly, B & G Donald, Border & Lakeland


Holstein Calf Championship

Champion: Wolfa Doorman Celicia 2, William Horsley, Border & Lakeland

Reserve Champion: Absolute Doorman Shes a Belter, Absolute Genetics, Lancashire

Honourable Mention: Drointon TLC Jordy OK Seisme, Grayridge, Drointon & TLC Holsteins, Scotland


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Club Awards


Tidy Lines Competition:

Champion: Border & Lakeland

Reserve Champion: South East


Best Presented Small Stand

Champion: North East

Reserve Champion: East Midlands


Best Presented Large Stand

Champion: Derbyshire

Reserve Champion: Border & Lakeland


Overall Best Presented Stand

Champion: North East

Reserve Champion: Derbyshire


Overall Stand Competition:

Champion: Border & Lakeland

Reserve Champion: Derbyshire


Club's Choice Stand Competition:

1st: Border & Lakeland

2nd=: Derbyshire and Lancashire


Showmanship Team Award:

Joint Winners: Border & Lakeland and Lancashire


Calf Team Award:



Champion Team Award

Champion: Border & Lakeland

Reserve Champion: Scotland


Individual Awards


Littlestar Award

Rory Scott (Scotland)


Louise Hartley Award

Jodie Nutsford


Dick Stapleton Award

Zoe Clear


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