03 Apr 2018

Mogul sons maintain top positions in April 2018 Holstein ranking lists

Daughter proven sires

Mr Moviestar Mardi Gras (Mogul x Planet) maintains his lead atop the rankings for UK daughter proven sires, with +3.34 Type Merit at 93% reliability. Another Mogul son whose daughters have been pleasing the UK classifiers is Delaberge Pepper (Mogul x Planet), reflected in his +3.33 TM at 87% reliability, good enough for second place. In third is TW Goodwhone (Mogul x Alpag Iron) at +3.11 TM with high reliability (97%).

Willsbro Ash regains top spot among UK bred daughter proven bulls, at +2.74 TM (88% Rlb).  

A new leader has emerged among international daughter proven bulls; Mopan (Mogul x Superstion) achieves the top score in the breed overall at +3.61 TM at 79% Rlb. He is followed in that category by newcomer Sandy-Valley Dreamweaver (Supersire x Altameteor) with 3.33 TM at 75% reliability. Another new bull, MR Alphagen Dagon (Mogul x Domain) is close behind with +3.24 TM at 75% reliability.

Young genomic bulls

Checkpoint (Commander x Merdian) is the new leader among bulls that have no daughter data, at +3.20 TM (58% Rlb). He is followed closely by Westcoast Lighthouse (AltaSpring x Distinction) with +3.13 TM (57% Rlb). The top ranking PLI bull moves up to number three on TM among young genomic bulls, at +3.12 TM (56% Rlb).

UK bred bull Lissue Star (Galaxy x Jeeves) appears in the top 10 with +2.96 TM at 58% Rlb.


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