12 Dec 2017

Cogent remains No.1 choice for Genomic Bulls

Maintaining his position as the world’s highest PLI genomic sire available in the UK, Mr Rubi-Agronaut is now the only bull over the £800 PLI barrier at an impressive £812. Sired by Rubicon, one of Cogent’s proven highlights, Agronaut offers many of the traits desired on farm, offering positive Fat (+0.22%) and Protein (+0.09%) and is a breed leader in terms of Fertility index at a massive +13.1. He couples this with nearly 400 Kgs Milk and great Udder Health with a SCC score of -27 and a Mastitis Incidence score of -4. With negative Stature and positive Chest Width Agronaut is expected to breed daughters that stand the test of time and thrive in British dairying systems.  His modern linear gives him a Type Merit score of +3.12 making him an exciting prospect within any herd. 

Seeing a further rise to his PLI because of an improvement in his Maintenance value, NH Sunview Fantastic now stands at £750 PLI. Maintaining his impressive production profile, the Outcross sire Fantastic is the go-to bull for Fat and Protein, offering double digit percentages and over 400 Kgs Milk. A negative Stature bull, Fantastic is aimed at those wanting to maximise the returns from their milk cheque whilst building efficiencies into their herd. 

Polled Sire Endco Evolve (POC) also rises to the top, being the highest Polled bull available in the breed at £712 PLI. Jet black in colour, Evolve has a near perfect Health and Production profile, offering massive Fertility (+10.9) and nearly 600 Kgs Milk and positive double-digit Fat (+0.10) and Protein (+0.11). At +2.24 TM, he offers a very complete linear, offering very correct Rumps and udders will surely be a key feature with strong attachments and positive Teat Length (+0.55). A Powerball son from a Balisto and then Epic, Evolve is considered Outcross to the mainstream population and works well on Mogul and Supersire Bloodlines.

Endco Evolve, the highest polled bull available in the Holstein breed

Delta sons Delta-B52 and Delta-ETA are unique in the market as Delta himself was not available in the UK and are new additions to the catalogue. Both these bulls are over £700 PLI, and transmit key in-demand traits such as positive components and high Fertility. B52 offers a little more Components and Fertility whilst Delta-ETA offers a little more Milk and negative Stature. In addition, both bulls are safely over the 2 points on Type threshold and are both Locomotion specialists. 

At £703 PLI, new release De Oosterhof Battle comes into the fray with 766 Kgs Milk, with positive Components and breed leading Udder Health at -30 SCC and -5 for Mastitis incidence. A Battlecry son from a Platinum dam from the Barbie cow family, functionality is his key strength when it comes to his linear, transmitting moderate Stature, wide Rumps and a slight curve to the leg.  

In a day full of chart toppers for Cogent, R DG Aladdin-Red remained the No.1 Red bull of the breed. At over 500 Kgs Milk, with positive Components and high Fertility, Aladdin lends himself to be used on both Red & White and Black & White cows alike, especially as he comes with a different pedigree being an Entitle son from an Olympian dam tracing back to the famous Kamps-Hollow Altitude. He is interesting within the Red offering as he transmits High Type (+2.3), Low Pins (+0.42) together with plenty of Milk, massive SCC improvement and high Fertility. Within the Black & White population, he remains competitive in index offering huge improvements compared to breed average in terms of production and fertility and offers an alternative sire stack.

With the bulls listed above are available today, there is more excitement in the pipeline with the extreme production bull Mr Mastermind expected to be available in January. He boasts +1072 Kgs of Milk with 76.5 Kgs of combined Fat and Protein and over 2 points on Type and is also a Fertility and Lifespan improver. For those wanting genetics capable of ranking on both the UK and US index, then Global sensation, Redrock-View Klutch is the bull to look out for. Redrock is expected to be available in January 2018 and together with a PLI of £721 and 2.61 TM, he also offers 2916 GTPI on the US system. 

Many of these breed leading sires are available in Sexed Ultra 4M in addition to the wider portfolio of bulls that Cogent has to offer to suit all customer needs.