Cogent Genomic Friesians offer profitable alternative to cross breeding

Following  the latest proof update, Cogent are now well placed to offer a great alternative to cross breeding that can add over £4,000 to the bottom line of a 100 cow herd per lactation. This saving is purely down to the superior fertility of the progeny of Cogent’s Genomic British Friesian sires. 

What are the two main reasons that cause some Holstein breeders to think about changing their breeding strategy and possibly move to a cross-breeding platform? Answer: The desire to breed a lower stature, easily managed robust cow and secondly to breed a cow with increased fertility and profitability.

“The Friesian base sits some 14 points higher on fertility than that of a Holstein. This is higher than any other breed currently marketed in the UK,” comments Richard Bostock, Cogent’s Dairy Sire Specialist. “The average of Cogent’s Genomic Friesian range sits at +1.13 (+15.13 with the base difference factored in). Each point increase in fertility equates to half a day knocked off the calving interval of an average daughter of a bull.”

EG: +10 Fertility = 5 Days saved on the average daughters calving interval
At a value of £5 per day open this equates to £25/daughter/lactation saving

The Number One Genomic proven PLI sire in the breed Goonhilly JOSEPH (£383) has a fertility index of +4.0 creating an average saving of £45 per daughter per lactation from fertility alone.  This saving could also be achieved with milk specialist Aintree BOMBARDIER who comes in with +4.1 Fertility and 227kgs of milk.

“Selecting the path of using British Friesian sires over cross breeding will keep ‘pure bred value’ in resulting offspring whilst still adding strength and offering out cross bloodlines” concludes Richard.

“The British Friesian programme at Cogent remains to be an integral part of the business as we move to offer even more support to UK farmers,” starts Cogent’s UK Operations Manager, Stuart Boothman. “We are poised to help our customers drive genetic profitability with services already in place to evaluate British Friesian females on a genomic base.

We offer the most trusted and reliable sexed semen product in the UK and the only mating programme in the UK that can evaluate cows on a British Friesian base. The mating programme will help address concerns on in-breeding and also protect against any negative recessives and haplotypes.” He finishes.

For more information on how Cogent can help you increase profitability in your herd, please call the freephone number 0800 783 7258 or contact your local Cogent representative.

The latest Cogent British Friesian Catalogue is now available to download