British Friesian Herd of the Year Announced

The Scottish Barncluth herd has been awarded the highly acclaimed British Friesian Herd of the Year Award. As a result of a combination of classification and production, the award recognises the most productive British Friesian herd from across the UK.

The Dunbar family have been milking cows at Cromlet Farm, Airdrie, since Roberta's great-great grandfather took on a tenancy in 1899, with the farm subsequently being purchased by Roberta's grandfather in 1960. Roberta returned to the farm in 1987, having been away to study at college, and she undertook the task of grading the herd up to pedigree. In 1995, Roberta took over from her father and today, she farms with her partner Gordon Smith.

The farm comprises 100 acres, with a further 85 acres rented, and is home to 85 pedigree British Friesians who give an average yield of 7,800kg; the herd also has 50 followers. British Friesians are particularly well suited to the type of land and climate in North Lanarkshire and they have served the Dunbar's well over the years, due to their hardworking, no-nonsense and hardy nature.

Today's herd is influenced by the bull Terling Prophet who Roberta's father introduced to the herd, along with Barncluth Arrival leaving his stamp on the herd, a great homebred bull. Prominent cow families include Daisy, Annabel, Daphne and Rose.