19 Dec 2017

3 Outstanding A2A2 Bulls, averaging £722 PLI!


(Battlecry x VG85 Balisto x Shamrock x 7 Gens VG/EX Dams Dream Lady family)

  • No 10 PLI £761
  • Joint No 2 Lifespan +0.8
  • +57.7 Kg's combined Fat & Protein
  • A2A2 & KCBB+

If you are looking to improve the profitability of your herd then Barabo should be in your breeding programme! His PLI of £761 ranks him as the 10th most profitable sire in the UK!

With over 600 Kg’s A2A2 Milk, high Fat and Protein and elite health traits, Barabo combines the perfect package to produce low-maintenance offspring suitable for commercial systems.

Conventional semen will be available in January 2018.

Bull: Barabo                                                      Dam: Niermann-Schiplage Dalista VG85



Bestboss x VG86 Balisto x VG88 Emerald x 14 Gens of VG/EX Candy family

  • £721 PLI
  • No 4 gRZG +161!
  • 69.1 Kgs combined fat and protein
  • +894 Kgs Milk & A2A2!

Bestday will boost Milk solids with +69.1 Kg’s combined Fat & Protein, and keep the tank full with a mighty +894 KgS of A2A2 Milk! Alongside his superior production and Udder traits he has the ability to transmit healthy, durable daughters with strength and superb locomotion!

Semen is available as conventional and sexed.

Bull: Bestday                                                      Dam: Bjornholm Balisto Candy VG86


Go-Farm SPRITE £686 PLI

(Afterburner x Speaker x VG87 Uno x 4 Gens VG/EX Schady family)

  • No 9 in Italy +3887 gPFT
  • Unique. high PLI sire with over 2.5 Type, +0.18% Fat and Strength!
  • +53.9 Kg's combined fat and protein
  • Superior production and A2A2

Sprite is quite clearly a breed leader and when it comes to an elite combination of PLI, Type and production – there is simply no other bull available in the UK to transmit the whole package, as he does!

Expect his daughters to be low maintenance, profitable and provide you with outstanding production.

Semen is available as conventional and sexed.

Bull: Sprite                                                        2nd Dam - Pirolo Numero Uno Savana VG87

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