Club Herd Competition Results 2020

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Border & Lakeland

2020 has definitely been a year we will all remember and one which will go down in history. We had some exceptional herds entered into this years Summer Herds Competition. Once again, the club put forward some outstanding cattle for our experienced and respected judges, Malcolm & Jean Hutchinson Bowerberhill prefix. Three days of full on judging took place with 15 members taking part in the competition and the Holstein Young Breeders excelled themselves once again with quality and enthusiasm, making the judges decisions extremely difficult. A huge thank you to our sponsors Lely Longtown and Lloyd Tractors.


Class One Large Herd

1. Petteril Herd, Messrs Morley

2. Carrock Herd, Buckabank Farm Ltd

Class Two Small Herd

1. Woodend Herd, Messrs Todhunter

2. Moorhouse Herd, Messrs Watson

Overall Herd: Petteril Holsteins

Best New Entrant: Moorhouse Herd, Messrs Watson

Class Three Progeny

Small Herds:

1. Seagull Bay Silver, Messrs Brough Tallent Herd

2. Coyne Farms Dorcy, Messrs Walton Bankview Herd

Large Herds:

1. Toc Farm Fitz Skirwith, Hall Farms Ltd Stowbeck Herd

2. Stantons Exapander, Messrs Morley Petteril Herd

Class 4 Senior Cow (10 Forward)

1. Joylan GW Roxy, Wormanby Farms Ltd Wormanby herd

2. Ingleden Stanleycup Alidas, Messrs Williamson Ingleden herd

Class 5 Intermediate Cow (12 forward)

1. Heathersgill Ruth Solomon, Messrs Graham Heathersgill herd

2. Stowbeck Atwood Flo, D & L Hodgson & R Hodgson Wormanby

Class 6 Junior Cow (13 forward)

1. Wormanby Motivator Rolls, Wormanby Farm Ltd Wormanby herd

2. Crossfell Rubicon Camilla, Crossfell Farm Ltd Crossfell herd

Class 7 Senior Heifer (8 forward)

1. TioTio Magic Toinini, Crossfell Farm Ltd Crossfell herd

2. Wormanby Fire Lustre, Wormanby Farms Ltd Wormanby herd

Class 8 Junior Heifer (8 forward)

1. Wormanby Fitz Gloriette, Wormanby Farm Ltd Wormanby herd

2. Heathersgill Scenario Squaw, Messrs Graham Heathersgill herd

Class 9 Dam & Daughter

1. Adeen’s, Wormanby Farm Ltd Wormanby herd

2. Irene’s, Messrs Todhunter Woodend herd

Class 10 Group of Heifers

1. Wormanby herd, Wormanby Farms Ltd

2. Petteril herd, Messrs Morley

Class 11 Unserved Heifer to be shown by HYB member

1. Wormanby Chief Gloriette, Matthew Hodgson Wormanby herd

2. Heathersgill Excaliber Ruth, Liam Graham Heathersgill herd

Certificate of Merit

Moorhouse Camden Pip Richard Watson Moorhouse herd

Heathersgill Diamond Back Primrose Scarlett Graham Heathersgill herd

Crossfell Sidekick Allie Jack Metcalfe Crossfell herd

Lambroda FG California Dreamy Issac Harper Lambroda herd

Awards from the Border & Lakeland Club Summer Herds Competition

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With the absence of shows, the Devon Club was lucky enough to be able to organise their summer Herd Competition, complying with COVID-19 restrictions. Judge Dennis Smith (Oakroyal), 2018's Premier Herd Winner, made the following comments: "We had two serious herds in 1st and 2nd, with the winning herd winning on its level of quality throughout and carrying no passengers. The herd in 2nd had some serious cows but also had the best group of heifers in the whole competition".


Overall Inspection Results

Champion: Allerways Herd, RA & SA Reed

Reserve Champion: Curscombe Herd, CRJ & JA Bishop

Small Herds

Inspection only

1. Curscombe Herd, CRJ & JA Bishop

2. Beaconhill Herd, MJK Reed & Son

Production and Inspection

1. Beaconhill Herd, MJK Reed & Son

2. Curscombe Herd, CRJ & JA Bishop

Inspection and Genetic Merit

1. Beaconhill Herd, MJK Reed & Son

2. Littleweir Herd, S Murch

Large Herds

Inspection only

1. Allerways Herd, RA & SA Reed

2. Sherdon Herd, JC Palmer

Production and Inspection

1. Sherdon Herd, JC Palmer

2. Allerways Herd, RA & SA Reed

Inspection and Genetic Merit

1. Sherdon Herd, JC Palmer

2. Allerways Herd, RA & SA Reed

Best Exhibitor Bred Cow

1. Hoops Trientje 47, GJ Ley & Son

2. Littleweir Arvis Bloosom Red, S Murch

Best Exhibitor Bred Heifer

1. Curscombe Solomon Joy 174, CRJ & JA Bishop

2. Allerways Dreamer Susan 45, RA & SA Reed

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The Club held their annual Herds Competition over Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th July 2020. We had 10 herds competing for the various awards, namely Baillie, Covington; Baillie, Dalserf; Baillie, Longlea; Boyd, Letterickhills; Brewster, Meadowlark; Bryson, Carnuff; Laird, Blythbridge; Laird, Cauldcoats; Neilson, Overside; and Weatherup, Parkend/Lesmay/PinUpGirl – all under the watchful eye of Mr Malcolm Dyson.


Best Heifer Bred and winning the Dalserf Cup

1. Messrs Laird with Blythbridge Applicable Marcia

2. Messrs Neilson with Overside Superhero Rosalita

Best Heifer Mammary – Messrs Laird with Blythbridge Applicable Marcia

Best Individual Cow and winning the Scotfarm Cup

1. Messrs Laird with Cauldcoats Samurai Mollie

2. Messrs Laird with Cramer Atwood Cutie

Individual Cow producing 50tonne and winning the Tom Neilson Salver

1. Messrs Neilson with Overside Alamar Amanda

2Messrs Laird with Blythbridge Goldwyn Ambrosia

Best Cow Mammary – Messrs Laird with Warnelview Seaver Nita

Family Group and winning the Hunter Shield

1. Messrs Neilson, Overside with the Dellia family

2Messrs Baillie, Covington with the Rowan family

Group of 5 Heifers and winning the Semen World Trophy

1. Messrs Neilson, Overside

2Messrs Laird, Blythbridge

Team of 10 Cows and winning the L. S. Smellie & Sons Ltd Rosebowl

1. Messrs Laird, Blythbridge

2Messrs Neilson, Overside


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On Thursday 20th August, the West of Scotland Holstein Club held their annual Herds Competition, which was this year judged by Mr Jim Gray from Drumtoll, East Kilbride. On the day we had seven herds competing for the silverware. The seven competing herds were from Boylston, Mossbog, Perryston, Brownhill, Strandhead, East Carngillan and Shacklehill.  The weather was kind to us after a week of mixed weather. The Club were grateful to be able to hold this competition in a socially distanced manner. 


Class 1 BOCM Pauls Trophy - Team of 10 cows or heifers all having had at least one calving 

1. Ewan Kennedy, Perryston

2. Liz Kennedy, E Carngillan

Class 1B Nestle Salver - Highest placed homebred team from above 

1. Ewan Kennedy, Perryston

Class 2 Nat West Trophy - Best Cow having had at least 2 calvings and part of a team 

1. A Struthers, Mirah Dorman Elizabeth 

2. E Kennedy, Clydeview Lineman Alder

Class 3 A.J. Wilson Trophy – Best exhibitor bred animal 

1. E Kennedy, Clydeview Lineman Alder

Class 4 Alta Trophy - Best Heifer – Having had at least one calving

1. A Struthers, Lesmay Goldchip Winfred

2. R Scott, Nethervalley Kingpin Sara

Class 5 Semen World Trophy – 50,000 litre cow 

1. L Kennedy, Stair Century Christine 

2. E Kennedy, Clydeview Destry Hazel

Class 6 Red & White Heifer/Cow

1. R Scott, Clydeview Armani Rosanne

2. A Struthers, Parkend LA Striptease

Class 7 Progency Group Trophy - Minimum of 3 cattle all must have at least one calving

1. L Kennedy, Carldanton Admirer 

2. E Kennedy, Wiltor Drummer

Class 8 Semex Trophy – Family Group or two sisters  

1. E Kennedy, Clydeview Fever Sasha & Clydeview Monterey Samantha

2. A Struthers, Mirah Dorman Elizabeth & Glenmuir Awesome Elizabeth

Class 9 Quest Quaich - Group of 4 heifers 

1. E Kennedy

2. A Struthers

Class 10 Most Points Overall 

1. E Kennedy 

2. A Stuthers

Class 11 Best new entrants 

1. A Struthers 


Best Exhibitor Bred Animal: E Kennedy, Clydeview Lineman Alder

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Scotland South

After much deliberation, the Scottish Holstein Club held its annual Herds competition a month later than usual due to Covid-19 restrictions.  The winning herd was from Brian Weatherup at Parkend.  The Judge was David Brewster, Boclair.  David and his driver, Bruce Fairlie, began their travels at Brian and Michael Yates’s Logan herd in south west Scotland.  They visited seven farms, rounding off at Parkend in Fife. The Club would like to thank everyone for taking part, the Judge David Brewster and most especially, Bruce Fairlie, of CIS who drives the Judge the length and breadth of Scotland covering 100’s of miles.



Best Heifer Exhibitor Bred - The Hamish Logan Trophy

1. Hillhead Gate Dancer Crimson - Willie Fleming, Hillhead

2. Colvend Novo Lou Etta - Steven Roan, Colvend

Best Cow Exhibitor Bred - The Riddets Trophy

1. Logan Estate Jazz - Brian Yates, Logan

2. Pin Up Girl Awesome Sangria Red - Brian Weatherup, Parkend

Family Group - The Bobbity Trophy

1. Starlet Red - Brian Weatherup, Parkend

2. Zandra - David Yates, Meiklefirth

Heifer Group - The Forrester Trophy

1. Brian Yates, Logan

2. David Yates, Meiklefirth

Progeny Group - The Aries Trophy

1. Silver - Hugh Neilson, Overside

2. Atwood - Brian Weatherup, Parkend

Herds Inspection - Pauls Trophy

1. Brian Weatherup, Parkend - 2000 points

2. Hugh Neilson, Overside - 1950 points

Group of Ten Inspection - The Boclair Trophy

1.  David Yates, Meiklefirth

2.  John Jamieson, Firth

Best Bought In Animal

1. Hillhead Abbot Earl - Brian Yates, Logan

2. Wiltor Silver Crimson - Hugh Neilson, Overside

Herdsperson “S.F.B.C.” Tray (who most impressed the judge on tour of inspection)

Kirsty and Jenny Yates

Auchencloigh Trophy – Best newcomer

David Yates, Meiklefirth


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The 2020 Shropshire Herd Competition was judged by Mr Blaise Tomlinson. Blaise came expecting to see some great herds and cows but he was blown away by the standard of cows and presentation of  every herd that he visited. He was extremely impressed and found animals on every farm that he wished he could take home. He found it very difficult to place each of the 20 herds represented, as the standard put before him was so high, and wants to congratulate every member who entered and wish you all continued success.


Individual Cow - The Johnny Barker Trophy

1. Knowlesmere Solomon Diamond, A and J Whittaker

2. Brookroad Beachnut 129, Paul, Dee and David Bradbury

Senior Heifer - Alkmere Trophy

1. Hallon Monteray Odette, James Tudor

2. Brookroad Eclipse 135, Paul, Dee and David Bradbury

Junior Heifer - The Overmeade Trophy

1. Knowlesmere Sol Diamond, A and J Whittaker

2. Atwood Fitz Kelly, Kelly Woodcock

Not Home Bred Cow - The Barbers Trophy 

1. Hawksmoor Rene 50, Seaton Farms

2. Shambles Doorman Ashlyn, Dave and Rob Higgins

Not Home Bred Heifer. For the Eardley/Holly Trophy

1. Glasson Doorman Miss Snowdrop, James Tudor

2. Sandcrest Jazz, Adrian Jones

Cow Family - The Emral Trophy

1. Knowlesmere Diamond Family, A and J Whittaker

2. Brookroad Beachnut family, Paul and Dee Bradbury

Progeny Group - The NWF Trophy 

1. Monteray progeny, James Tudor

2. Dorcy Progeny, Ian Whitticase

Production Inspection - The Markris Trophy

1. Styche Denali Laura, Seaton Farms (1517 points)

2. Hallon Kade Jeanie, James Tudor (1498 points)

Judges Choice - The Pimhill Trophy

Knowlesmere Solomon Diamond, Andrew and Jane Whittaker

Reserve: Brookroad Beachnut 129, Paul and Dee Bradbury

Two x 50 Tonne Cows - The Verona Trophy

1. Brookroad Julianna 97 and Brookroad Beachnut 129, Paul and Dee Bradbury

2. Styche Loader Sally and Styche Blackgold Sally, Seaton Farms

100 Tonne Cows - The Allan Cope Trophy

1. Glanmarton Shottle Grace, Ian Whitticase

2. Knowlesmere Roy Diamond, A and J Whittaker


Champion Large Herd - The BARDRA Trophy

1. Styche Holsteins, Seaton Farms

2. Glanmarton Holstein, Ian Whitticase 

Champion Medium Sized Herd - The Wynnstay Trophy

1. Hawksmoor Holsteins for R J and H Clare

2. Hallon Holsteins for James Tudor   

Champion Smaller Sized Herds - The Wems Trophy

1. Brookroad Holsteins, Paul and Dee Bradbury

2. Enchmarsh Holsteins, Gerald Allsopp


Overall Champion Herd - The Hawksmoor Trophy 

Hawksmoor Holsteins, R J and H Clare     

Reserve Champion Herd - The TSB Trophy

Hallon Holsteins, James Tudor

Honourable Mention Champion Herd

Styche Holsteins for Seaton Farms


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South Wales

Results of the annual Herd Competition judged by Wyn Jones, Feithy on the 8th 10th July 2020. Our thanks to Wyn for carrying out this task within the current guidelines. Wyn’s Comments are: “I would like to thank you all for your hospitality. I thoroughly enjoyed my three afternoons judging being great to finally get out and about again,see great cows and share different aspects of farming. Over the whole competition I saw some great herds and individual animals. Congratulations to my winning herd being functional and well balanced from mature cows down to the heifers".


Champion Herd Lan Holsteins

Large Herd Section


1. Tegan Holsteins

2. Castellhyfryd Holsteins

Cow Family

1. Castellhyfryd Rosina

2. Tegan Sylvia

HomeBred Cow

1. Rhydygors Shottle Flute 4 Ex96(6)

2. Castellhyfryd Octane Lassie VG89

Homebred Heifer

1. Castellhyfryd Solaris Rosina VG88

2. Tegan Numero Uno Erle 21 VG87

Individual Animal

1. Rhydygors Shottle Flute 4 Ex96(6)

2. Castellhyfryd Octane Lassie VG89

Dam & Daughter

1. Castellhyfryd Perseus Rosina Ex91(2) & Castellhyfryd Attitude Rosina Ex94(2)

2. SkinnerShottle Sylvia LP80 SPEx93(4) & Tegan Fever Sylvia SP VG86

Three Generations

1. Castellhyfryd Million Rosina Ex95(6), Perseus Rosina Ex91(2)& Attitude Rosina Ex94(2)

2. Skinner Shottle Sylvia LP80 SP Ex93(4), Tegan Fever SylviaSP VG86&Kimball Sylvia 9 VG86

100 Tonne Cow

1. Rhydygors Shottle Flute 4 Ex96(6) (130 tonnes)

Bull Progeny

1. Castellhyfryd Mincio Jacko (Castellhyfryd) Mincio x Castellhyfryd Mtoto Jeanette Ex95(8)

2. Seagull Bay SVR Kimball (Tegan) Silver x MD-Valleyvue Nuno Kim VG87

Progeny of a Stock Bull (All herds)

1. Castellhyfryd Mincio Jacko(Castellhyfryd) Mincio x Castellhyfryd Mtoto Jeanette Ex95(8)

2. Woodmarsh Loxley EX94 (Geuffordd) Lauthority x Woodmarsh Silky Lyme 6 8star LP80 Ex92(2)


Small Herds


1. Lan Holsteins

2. Geuffordd Holsteins

Cow Family

1. Geuffordd Jean

2. Tanglwyst Dora

Homebred Cow

1. Lan Wendy 153Ex94 (3) -Mr Sam

2. Geuffordd Loxley Mary Ex92

Homebred Heifer

1. Fenni Nancy 113 VG86

2. Tanglwyst Demon Rhiannon 3 VG85

Individual Animal

1. Noremead Lisbon Rhapture Ex94 (2) Lan

2. Wyndford Font Mrs Melody 8 VG88 Geuffordd

Dam & Daughter

1. Lan Elderberry 193 Ex94 (3) (Wyman)& Lan Elderberry203 VG87 (Caviar)

2. Geuffordd Aztec Grey Ex91 (2) & Carter Grey Ex90

Three Generations

1. Geuffordd Aztec Grey Ex91(2), Carter Grey Ex90&Loxley Grey 2

2. Tanglwyst Durham Ross Dora Ex93(3), Camelot Dora VG85 &Upright Dora

100 Tonne Cow

1. Tanglwyst Atlas Juanita Ex94(5) (110 tonnes)

2. Fenni Lilian 49 Ex94(4)(100 Tonnes) (Gornal Rob Roy)

Bull Progeny

1. Denmire Mesdoor (Tytanglwst) (Doorman x Denmire Goldwyn Marie 102 54star LP80 SP VG87

2. Woodmarsh Loxley Ex94 (Geuffordd) (Lauthority x W Silky Lyme 6 8star LP80 Ex92 (2)


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South & Wiltshire

This summer saw us embrace technology within the South and Wiltshire Club to hold our very first Summer Online Cow and Calf Show. We opened the competition up to all club members and included classes for Cows, Heifers and Calves. It was easy to enter, all exhibitors had to do was submit three photographs and a short 60 second video of their animal. 

Master Judge: Mr Jeff Daw

Class 7 - Dry Cow

1. Westleaze Total Eclipse 26 EX92-2E - Lactations 4 - Exhibitor N Clarke

2. Boxbrook Damion Spottie - Exhibitor A Gregory 

Class 6 - Senior Cow Having calved four or more times​

1. Purnells Shottle Snowdrop – No. calvings 6 - Exhibitor: A Breach

2. Boxbrook Atwood Annette 2 EX91 – No. calvings 5 - Exhibitor: A Gregory

Class 5 - Junior Cow Having calved two or three times

1. Westleaze Orman Bluebell – No. Calves 3 - Exhibitor: N Clarke

2. Boxbrook Mogul Satin - Exhibitor: A Gregory 

Class 4 - Heifer in Milk Having calved once

1. Boxbrook Allclass Erle - Exhibitor: A Gregory 

2. Westleaze Barbwire Rosie 4 Red - Exhibitor: N Clarke 

Class 3 - Heifer in Calf In calf for the first time

1. Boxbrook Hotline Rose - Born 01/04/2018 - Exhibitor: A Gregory

2. Westleaze Riva Jolly - Exhibitor: N Clarke 

Heifer in Calf : Boxbrook Hotline Rose

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The club were very pleased with the larger number of entries that came forward this year with over 20 herds taking part, including eight new entrants. It ensured Judge Andrew Hull (Fortland) had three intensive days of judging. Andrew enjoyed his days of judging and commented on the fact that he saw some tremendous cows and herds, he thanked all entrants for the effort put into getting the animals ready and their time to show him around along with the stewards.  A new class for non-registered herds also helped attract first-time entrants and new members for the club. Results are as follows:

Large Herd On Inspection – Frank Hughes Challenge Bowl

1. SFR Farming Ltd

2. A A Winstanley & Partners 

Medium Herd On Inspection – Dick Stapleton Trophy

1. J & S M Hocknell & Son

2. T I & J A Sheperd

Small Herd On Inspection – Groudd Trophy 

1. M Rees

2. R B & J Jones 

Champion Cow On Inspection – Maurice Sherwin Silver Salver 

1. Messrs Pierces  - Milwr Fever B jean 

2. T I & J A Shepherd – Budworth Montney Gloria

Champion Heifer On Inspection – Snowfern Trophy

1. Messrs Pierces – Milwr Silver T Kay 

2. James Harrison Farming Ltd – Woodlake Checkers Barbara

Progeny By One Sire On Inspection – Rowmar Trophy

1. T I & J A Shepherd  - Stanton Steady

2. A A Winstanley & Partners – Comestar Lineman

Dam & Daughters On Inspection – Granchester Trophy

1. Messrs Pierces – Hilda (family name)

2. T I & J A Shepherd – Queen (family name) 

Milking Heifer Group On Inspection – Penwell Trophy

1. Messrs Pierces - Milwr

2. A A Winstanley and Partners – Rowmar

Youngstock Group On Inspection – Townhouse Trophy 

1. A A Winstanley and Partners – Rowmar

2. James Harrison Farming Ltd – Woodlake

Total Cow Production – Capenhurst Trophy

1. Messrs Pierces – Milwr Fever N Jean

2. W J G Dimelow – Malpas Patch Pam 3 


1. T I & J A Shepherd

2. J Harrison Farming Ltd 

New Class – Non-Registered Herd On Inspection 

1. Mr Andrew Griffiths 

Joint 2nd – Halton Farms, Thomasson Farms and Mr John Allwood 

Champion Herd For 2020

SFR Farming Ltd 

Reserve Champion For 2020

A A Winstanley and Partners 

Champion Farm SFR Farming Ltd (Townhouse Holsteins)

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