Master Breeder Award

Master Breeder rewards Holstein members whose herds achieve a high standard in both classification and production. As of January 2021, a Master Breeder score will now be calculated automatically for every herd prefix, each month. The ten herds with the highest average score over the previous 12 months will be awarded Master Breeder in April of each year. 

Master Breeder Award Qualification Standards


1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024

Beaconhill - A J & W J Reed, Devon

Bridgelane - C H Shropshire & Son, Shropshire

Hollafrench - W P Jose, Devon

Hurcott - P B Sutton & Partners, Warwickshire

Panda - Panda Holsteins, Devon

Penwindsor - J E R, J & J C M Whitehead, Cornwall

Sherdon - J C Palmer, Devon

Simlahill - N & S McCann, County Down

Wiltor - D W & C E Jones, Monmouthshire

Wintersell - The Downing Partnership, Kent


1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023

Ballylagan – W & L & D Campbell, Co. Londonderry

Brookroad – P M & S D Bradbury, Shropshire

Carwyn – G R Griffiths & Son, Pembrokeshire

Coolnagrane – J S Armstrong, Co. Fermanagh

Davlea – I M Davies, Somerset

Denhamhill – R Eccles, Lancashire

Glebegray – G G Smale & Son, Cornwall

Inspired – C Smith, Lancashire

Priestland – Iain, Joyce & John Mclean, Co. Antrim

Quernmore – J E & J Pye & Son, Lancashire 


1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022

BANNWATER, A J Magowan & Son, Co. Down

BERRYHOLME, H Wright & Son, Cumbria

CASTELLHYFRYD, S P & S R Davies, Carmarthenshire

GWILI, M A & M R Williams, Dyfed

LISNACLOON, W S Hunter, Co. Tyrone

MATFIELD, L McMurray & Sons, Co. Down

MYTHEBRIDGE, F K Robinson & Son, Gloucestershire


NEWRY, S J, J R & C Stevenson, Co. Down

SANBAY, D F Bailey, Devon

TRASNAFARM, H & A Maguire, Co. Fermanagh


1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021

For 2021, the average score from January to March was used, with awards being calculated in April.‚Äč

CLARBY – N G Llewellin, Pembrokeshire


CORRINGHAM – R V Winter & Sons, Lincolnshire

Presented by Holstein UK President John Jamieson at UK Dairy Day


ERIE – E M & E & I R Morgan, Carmarthenshire

Presented by Holstein UK President John Jamieson at UK Dairy Day


FOXMINSTER – F G Luther & Son, Dorset

Presented by Holstein UK Chairman Michael Smale at The Dairy Show


HOLYMOOR – W J & D M Madin, Derbyshire

LLANCOURT – T B & S M Rowlands & K & R L Lewis, Pembrokeshire

RICHAVEN – R A Bown, Worcestershire


SAHARA – D Jones, Monmouthshire

Presented by Holstein UK President John Jamieson at UK Dairy Day


WHINCHAT – A C Birkle, Leicestershire

Presented by Holstein UK President John Jamieson at UK Dairy Day


WHITGREAVE – Stubbs Partners Limited, Staffordshire

Presented by Holstein UK President John Jamieson at UK Dairy Day


1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020

ABERCORN, D J Wallace, County Antrim

BENEKNOWLE, P J Andrews, Devon

CHEDHUNT, R & K M House & Son, Somerset

DEONA, D Johnston & Co, County Londonderry

DROINTON, A W MacKellar, Staffordshire

EDENORDINARY, H Mitchell & Sons, County Down

FORDWICH, W J Kerr, County Antrim

GEUFFORDD, Breeze Farms Ltd, Pembrokeshire

GLADWAKE, W & P Ives, Hampshire

GOITRE, G Benyon-Thomas, West Glamorgan

HEATHERSGILL, T Graham & Son, Cumbria

HUDDLESTONE, Huddlestone Farmers Limited, West Sussex

MAESYRAFON, E Evans & Son, Dyfed

MILWR, Pierce's, Cheshire

ORMOND, D J & G Davies, Dyfed

SHAWDALE, D E & M A Booth, West Yorkshire

WILLOFARM, D & G Throne, County Tyrone

WILLSBRO, Wills Brothers Limited, Cornwall

WOODMARSH, M & J C Gould, Shropshire



1st April 2018 to 31 March 2019

Video of the winners


ALIANN, J D & J A Holgate, North Yorkshire

Presented at the Great Yorkshire Show


ARDS, H Patton & Sons, County Down

Presented at Balmoral Show


BANNISTREE, D & E Monk, Lancashire

Presented at the Great Yorkshire Show


CLANDEBOYE, Clandeboye Estate Co Ltd, County Down

Presented at Balmoral Show


CLWCH, W J & H Williams, Gwynedd

Presented at UK Dairy Day


ENCHMARSH, J & G Allsop, Shropshire

Presented at The Royal Welsh Show


HAVENDALE, T H Flower & Sons, Derbyshire

Presented at UK Dairy Day


HAYVALLEY, D W & G N Renfree, Cornwall

Presented at the Royal Cornwall Show


HILLTARA, S M McCormick, County Down

Presented at Balmoral Show


KILLINGTON, J & R Waller, Lancashire


LAN, R & E Bowen, Carmarthenshire

Presented at The Welsh Dairy Show


MOORSHARD, R K & S G Miller & Sons, Somerset

Presented at the Holstein UK AGM


MOREE, R J V & A R J Kelso, County Tyrone

Presented at Balmoral Show


NEWBIRKS, A Lawson & Son, West Yorkshire

Presented at UK Dairy Day


PENNINE, Drinkall Bros, Lancashire

Presented at the Great Yorkshire Show


SAINTCLEAR, P E & D M Thomas, Dyfed

Presented at The Welsh Dairy Show


STEVEACRE, Cox Farming Company, Staffordshire

Presented at UK Dairy Day


WORMANBY, Wormanby Farms Ltd, Cumbria

Presented at UK Dairy Day


1st April 2017 to 31 March 2018

Video of the winners


AIREBURN, G B Moorhouse, Yorkshire

Presented at the 2018 Holstein UK Celebration & AGM


BASSINGTHORPE, G H Harrison & Sons, Lincolnshire

Presented at UK Dairy Day


BELLEMONT, N & N McCollum, County Londonderry

Presented at Balmoral Show


ERNEVALE, J J Gunn, County Fermanagh

Presented at Balmoral Show


EVENING, Evening Hill Farm Limited, Cumbria

Presented at UK Dairy Day


GATROG, E & C Thomas, Carmarthenshire

Presented at UK Dairy Day


ONSTON, T H & R M Rowland, Cheshire

Presented at UK Dairy Day


TOWNLAW, The Firm of Bryce Sloan, Ayrshire

Presented at the Royal Highland Show


STERNDALE, W J Nadin & Co, Derbyshire

Presented at UK Dairy Day


WILDERLEY, W H Higgins, Shropshire

Presented at UK Dairy Day


1st April 2016 to 31 March 2017

BOWBERHILL, Malcolm Hutchinson, Cumbria

BILSROW, D J & S Tomlinson, Lancashire

DENMIRE, Messrs Dennison, Cumbria

DULAIS, Nev & Rhian Roberts, Carmarthenshire

FEIZOR, W A & A Booth, North Yorkshire

FORTLAND, J & N Hull & Sons, Lancashire

INCH, James Cleland & Jim Morrison, County Down

KINGARTH, J D Barbour, Leicestershire

LOGAN, B G Yates & Son, Kirkcudbrightshire

RELOUGH, R McLean & Sons, County Tyrone

TEGAN, D M & G Davies, Dyfed

TREGIBBY, A H Wilson, Ceredigion

WALISWOOD, W P & E G Williams, Dyfed


1st April 2015 to 31 March 2016

ANNANDALE, W & J Armour, Dumfries & Galloway

BARDAY, T O & B J Daymond, Devon

BOCLAIR, J Brewster, Lanarkshire

CURTISMILL, R Torrance & Son, Essex

DENHAMHILL, R Eccles, Lancashire

ERROLSTON, B & V Davidson, Dumfries & Galloway

GERRARD, R H Carter & Son, Cumbria

GLASSON, W P Haffey, County Armagh

LOFORD, M J & J E Wade, Devon

PETTERIL, S & A Morley, Cumbria

PROSPECT, M J & J Owens, Ceredigion

REDHOUSE, A D D Irwin, County Tyrone

RHYDYGORS, G M & T Davies, Dyfed

RIVERDANE, Mr & Mrs R P Nutsford, Cheshire

STARDALE, J Burrow & Son, Lancashire

WARNELVIEW, K J & C S Wilson Ltd, Cumbria


1st April 2014 to 31 March 2015

DOWERVALE, G B W Cuff, Dorset


1st April 2013 to 31 March 2014

FEITHY, E R Jones, Carmarthenshire

FELMERSHAM, H G Robinson & Sons, Monmouthshire

LEAVENTHORPE, J V & J E Allan, Staffordshire

NOREMEAD, C B Cooper Partnership, Wiltshire

SHERDON, J C Palmer, Devon

TALLENT, A Brough, Cumbria

WITHYLAND, T J Cracknell & Sons, Gloucestershire


1st April 2012 to 31 March 2013

DAMDALE, J E & C M Fletcher, Derbyshire

WINTERSELL, Downing Partnership, Kent


1st April 2011 to 31 March 2012

ARNOT, A R & J Whitlow, Lancashire

BANNWATER, A J Magowan & Son, County Down

CIDERHOUSE, D J Norman, Somerset

CRAMAR, J R A Steeples, Northamptonshire

HAWKSMOOR, R J Clare & Partners, Shropshire

HOLMLAND, S L & P S Bell, Cumbria

NETHANVALE, J & H Clark, Lanarkshire

NEWRY, S J & C Stevenson, County Down

SAXELBY, A W & R M & J T Stafford, Leicestershire

TROEDRHIW, Messrs Williams, Ceredigion


1st April 2010 to 31 March 2011

DALEBANK, D G Rees, Cheshire

DORSET, I Dimond, Dorset

LESWIDDEN, T J & C M Dauncey, Cornwall

PENRIKKA, R A Williams, Herefordshire

WHINCHAT, A Birkle, Leicestershire


1st April 2009 to 31 March 2010

BUDWORTH, T I & J A Shepherd, Cheshire

DERRYDORRAGH, W & H Watson, County Londonderry

DUNNERDALE, W W Boow, Cumbria

MAJESTIC, W I Watson, County Londonderry

RICHAVEN, R A Bown, Worcestershire

SHANAEL, The Miller Family, Worcestershire


1st April 2008 to 31 March 2009

CORRINGHAM, R V Winter & Sons, Lincolnshire

FIDDLERSGREEN, W E Alexander, County Down

GELLIDDU, D J B Thomas, Carmarthenshire

LAN, R D H & M Bowen, Carmarthenshire

SAINTCLEAR, P E & D M Thomas, Dyfed

WORMANBY, H Hodgson, Cumbria