The Louise Hartley Award

The Louise Hartley Award was launched in 2017 to honour the life of Louise Hartley. In celeberation of her life, the Louise Hartley Memorial Fund was set up to give a youngster with an interest in agriculture the chance to further their career.

The winner of the award is an HYB member, aged between 18 and 22, who has made an outstanding contribution to the breed, Holstein Young Breeders and their own Breeders’ Club.

To qualify for the Louise Hartley Award, each affiliated HYB Club is given the opportunity to nominate one young breeder (aged between 18 and 22 years of age or under on the 1st January) to be considered. The person selected to represent the Club should be someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the breed, Holstein Young Breeders and, in particular, their own Club. The regional HYB Club Coordinators then vote on behalf of their Club for the person, not from their own Club, who they think is the most deserving winner. The winner is announced and award presented at the ABAB Calf Show.


2023 - Ellie Saxby, Yorkshire

The 2023 Sponsor is World Wide Sires

2022 - George Thomas, East Midlands

The 2022 Sponsor is World Wide Sires

2021 - Jodie Nutsford, Western

The 2021 Sponsor is World Wide Sires

2020 - Jonny Woodhouse, Lancashire

The 2020 sponsor is World Wide Sires.

2019 - Phil Potts, Border & Lakeland

The 2019 sponsor is World Wide Sires who will be sending the winner of the 2019 award to the global training centre in Washington State on a practical training course.

2018 - Jess Tapp, Devon

2017 - Will Horsley, Border & Lakeland

Courtesy of Alta, Will was awarded a place on either a tour of America or Europe or the opportunity to attend a Dairy Manager School in the UK to develop their skills and learning.