Royal Highland Show 2024
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours


Judge: David Booth (Shawdale)


Heifer Calf (17)

1st Logan Luster Phantasy - B & M Yates

2nd Drointon Royal Virtue - Drumtall Farm

3rd Muir Crushabull Lainie - W & A Watson

4th Muir Pauline - W & A Watson

5th Glenallan Mitchell Camilla - John Redpath


Heifer in Milk (6)

1st Boclair Lambda Hope 18 - I Smith & Sons & Boclair Holsteins

2nd Denmire Ferraro Reba 192 - Newmeadow Holsteins

3rd Boclair Lambda Joan 6 - I Smith & Sons

4th Lesmay Dalliance Patent - Parkend Farm

5th Parkend Chief Sherri - Parkend Farm


Junior Championship

Champion: Boclair Lambda Hope 18 - I Smith & Sons & Boclair Holsteins

Reserve: Denmire Ferraro Reba 192 - Newmeadow Holsteins


Second Calver (5)

1st Blythbridge Roy Maureen - Blyth Farms

2nd Clydeview Sidekick Matilda - R & M Scott & S Esqueirdo

3rd Wolfa Chief Sue - Newmeadow Holsteins

4th Cauldcoats Firecracker Aileen - Donald Laird

5th Cauldcoats Tatoo Elizabeth - Donald Laird


Third Calver (3)

1st MAG Pandor - Blyth Farms & Ferme Blondin

2nd Eedy Crushabull Acclaim - B & M Yates

3rd Grangehall Pepper Whiterose - A & E Lawrie


Fourth & more Calver (2)

1st Berryholme Callen Rae - R & M Scott

2nd Cauldcoats Dalliance Camilla



Champion: MAG Pandor - Blyth Farms & Ferme Blondin

Reserve: Boclair Lambda Hope 18 - I Smith & Sons & Boclair Holsteins

HM: Blythbridge Roy Maureen -  Blyth Farms


Red & Whites

Judge: Jane Steel (Lomond)


Heifer Calf (2)

1st Pinupgirl Say So Red - Gillian Weatherup

2nd Swaites Beau 46 - John Adamson & Son


Heifer in Milk (2)

1st Logan Latenite Shania Red - B & M Yates

2nd Eastford Amaretto Kiwi Red - G Lawrie


Junior Championship

Champion: Logan Latenite Shania Red - B & M Yates

Reserve: Eastford Amaretto Kiwi Red - G Lawrie


Cow in Milk (2)

1st Arranview Rubels Tabitha Red - G Lawrie

2nd Logan Avatar Rae Red - B & M Yates



Champion: Arranview Rubels Tabitha Red - G Lawrie

Reserve: Logan Latenite Shania Red - B & M Yates


Dairy Interbreed

Judge: David Hastings


Interbreed Heifer

Reserve: Boclair Lambda Hope 18 - I Smith & Sons & Boclair Holsteins


Interbreed Team of Four

Champion: Holsteins – MAG Pandor, Boclair Lambda Hope 18, Blythbridge Roy Maureen, Clydeview Sidekick Matilda

Reserve: Red & Whites – Arranview Rubels Tabitha Red, Logan Latenite Shania Red, Logan Avatar Rae Red, Eastford Amaretto Kiwi Red


Interbreed Champion

Champion: MAG Pandor - Blyth Farms & Ferme Blondin

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