Royal Cornwall Show 2024
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: Jane Arrell

Heifer Calf (9)

1st Frontline Chief Pledge - Mrs S Creeper

2nd Willsbro Hanans Roxy 5661 - SG & MR Ley

3rd WJH Rager Meg - Mr W Neale

4th Greenway Lambda Harmony - Miss A Marshall

5th Thuborough Lulu 141 - Miss N Dayment


Senior Heifer (7)

1st WJH Haniko Ashlyn - Mr W Neale

2nd Drointon Showtime Mania - Mrs S Creeper

3rd Greenway Robin Koral Red - Miss A Marshall

4th Hoops Ivory 1283 Meghan - SG & MR Ley

5th Richaven Lambda Adeen 2 - Nova Park Holsteins


Junior Championship

Champion: WJH Haniko Ashlyn - Mr W Neale

Reserve: Frontline Chief Pledge - Mrs S Creeper


Junior Dry Cow (2)

1st Thuborough Pepper Kersch - Thuborough Farms Ltd

2nd Hoops Flower 660 - SG & MR Ley


Senior Dry Cow (2)

1st Hoops Ivory 971 - SG & MR Ley

2nd Thuborough Flora 91 - Thuborough Farms Ltd


Junior Heifer in Milk (4)

1st Davlea Chief Lulu 3 - Mr O Reed

2nd Davlea Adorable Little - IM Davies

3rd Thuborough Apricot 103 - Thuborough Farms Ltd

4th Hoops Dynamite Anna 2 - SG & MR Ley


Senior Heifer in Milk (4)

1st Thuborough Jazz Damsel - Thuborough Farms Ltd

2nd Davlea Lamdba Wattle - IM Davies

3rd Willsbro Abbott Rose 3421 - SG & MR Ley

4th Beneknowle Raven Judy 23 - P Andrews


Second Calved Cow (7)

1st Whinchat Bradnick Farrah 4 - IM Davies

2nd Beaconhill Crown Royal Janet - Mr O Reed

3rd Bartinney Alta Velvet Chassity - RJ, JR & SM Warren

4th Willsbro Upgrade Amber 327 - SG & MR Ley

5th Thuborough Rebecca 87 - Thuborough Farms Ltd


Third Calved Cow (3)

1st Beaconhill Sidekick Rae 2 - Mr O Reed

2nd Davlea Crushtime Impala - IM Davies

3rd Willsbro Emerald Roxy 361 - SG & MR Ley


Mature Cow (4)

1st Davlea Solomon Lulu - IM Davies

2nd Hoops Trientje 47 - SG & MR Ley

3rd Beaconhill Victor Laurel - Mr O Reed

4th Hoops Ivory 1065 - SG & MR Ley


Group of Three (3)

1st Mr O Reed

2nd Thuborough Farms Ltd

3rd SG & MR Ley


Heifer Championship

Champion: Davlea Chief Lulu 3 - Mr O Reed

Reserve: Thuborough Jazz Damsel - Thuborough Farms Ltd


Holstein Championship

Champion: Beaconhill Sidekick Rae 2 - Mr O Reed

Reserve: Davlea Solomon Lulu - IM Davies

Honourable Mention: Davlea Chief Lulu 3 - Mr O Reed


Interbreed Day

Judge: Andy Cope


Interbreed Pairs

Reserve: Beaconhill Sidekick Rae 2 & Davlea Solomon Lulu


Interbreed Heifer

Champion: Davlea Chief Lulu 3, Mr O Reed


Interbreed Champion

Reserve: Beaconhill Sidekick Rae 2, Mr O Reed


Interbreed Group of 5

Champion: (LtoR) Beaconhill Crown Royal Janet, Whinchat Bradnick Farrah 4, Bartinney Alta Velvet Chassity, Beaconhill Sidekick Rae 2 & Davlea Chief Lulu 3

Rules & Regulations

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