HYB National Competitions 2022
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Stock Judging

Individual Junior The Parboldhall Trophy

1 Kyle Scott Scotland
2 Isla Arrell Shropshire
3 Max Watson Northern Ireland
4 Andrew Watson Scotland


Individual Intermediate The Deehaven Cup

1 Rory Scott Scotland
2 Adam Smith Scotland
3 James Patton Northern Ireland
4 Iwan Thomas South Wales


Individual Senior The Michael Gould Trophy

1 Peter Cotton Staffordshire
2 George Thomas East Midlands
3 James Robinson North East
4 Andrew Thomas East Midlands


Overall Team The Nitrovit Stock Judging Trophy

1 Scotland
2 Northern Ireland
3 South Wales
4 Lancashire

Reason Giving

Individual Junior


Individual Intermediate


Individual Senior

East Midlands

Overall Best Reasons The Norman Walker Trophy


Linear Assessment

Individual Junior The Dick Gladstone Trophy

1 Tom Dennison Lancashire
2 Lowri Morris Shropshire
3 Ben Reid Northern Ireland
4 Torie Wilson Border & Lakeland


Individual Intermediate The Premier Breeder Perpetual Trophy

1 Sioned Morris Shropshire
2 Iwan Tomas South Wales
3 Louis Bagg South West
4 Emma Dunkley North East


Individual Senior The Jim Archer Memorial Trophy

1 James Robinson North East
2 Andrew Thomas East Midlands
3 Robert Stewart Northern Ireland
4 Emily Gay Devon


Junior Team The Kirby Farm Trophy

1 Tom Dennison & Thomas Herd Lancashire
2 Lowri Morris & Isla Arrell Shropshire
3 Alice Dunkley & Jack Elliott North East
4 Ben Reid & Jack Orr Northern Ireland


Intermediate Team The Winlan Trophy

1 Iwan Thomas & Nia Thomas South Wales
2 Sioned Morris & Tom Ball Shropshire
3 Katie Thomas & Emma Dunkley North East
4 Craig Hodge & Amy McNeil Scotland


Senior Team The Jarmay Perpetual Trophy

1 Anna Goldie & James Robinson North East
2 Andrew Thomas & George Thomas East Midlands
3 John McLean & Robert Stewart Northern Ireland
4 Izzy Smith & Pippa Tudor Shropshire


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National Stock Judging Competition

National Linear Assessment Competition

Rules & Regulations

Showing Rules

The Society's rules and regulations can be viewed in the Membership Handbook, accessed via the below link. The rules and regulations support good animal husbandry practices at shows, while presenting a positive image to spectators. All exhibitors and their fitters, agents, or other representatives agree to abide by these rules and regulations which are reviewed on a regular basis.

View the Showing Rules in the Membership Handbook

Standard Agreement Between Owners & Fitters

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Standard Exhibitor’s Agreement

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