Results for the 2021 Great Yorkshire Show
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: David Wright, Berryholme Holsteins

Champion: Newbirks Caviar Susan - A Lawson
Reserve: Evening Sidekick Jennifer - JH Wilson

Premier Breeder: Messrs R & E Butterfield
Premier Exhibitor: Messrs R & E Butterfield

Reserve Supreme Dairy Champion: Newbirks Caviar Susan
Supreme Junior Championship: Evening Sidekick Jennifer
Interbreed Exhibitor Bred Pairs: 3rd Ingleview
Exhibitor bred champion: Newbirks Caviar Susan

Champion Maiden Heifer: Slatabogie Jordy O Kit Kat - S Innes
Reserve: Panda Treacle - JM Wilson

Junior Champion: Evening Sidekick Jennifer - JH Wilson
Reserve: Bailmoor Classic S Jill - Coates Family

Class 150A – Junior maiden heifers (6 entries)
1st: Langpark Lily 16 - G Bradley
2nd: Huntholme Dalliance Kitty 98 - M Southwell and Partners
3rd: Katal Kandie Sidekick - K O’Neill & A Shirt

Class 150B - Senior Maiden Heifers (7 entries)
1st: Slatabogie Jordy O Kit Kat - S Innes
2nd: Panda Treacle - JM Wilson
3rd: Richaven Silver Squaw - M&D Wilson

Class 151 - Holstein In-Calf Heifer (3 entries)
1st: FG California Dreaming Red - W&M Oldfield
2nd: Knowlesmere Jordy Dream Red - JM Wilson
3rd: Salcrest Crusha Lausine - SA Liddle (Exhibitor Bred)

Class 152 Junior Cow In-Calf (2 entries)
1st: Davlea Classic Impala - JM Wilson
2nd: Hawbank Grazie Honey 188 - D A Ayrton (Exhibitor Bred)

Class 153 Senior Cow In-Calf (1 entry)
1st: Hunthome Zebra Kitty 51 - M Southwell and Partners (Exhibitor Bred)

Class 154 Heifer In-Milk (7 entries)
1st: Evening Sidekick Jennifer - JH Wilson (Best Udder, Exhibitor bred)
2nd: Bailmoor Classic S Jill - Coates Family
3rd: Newbirks Brennan Blueblood 989 - A Lawson & Son

Class 155 Junior Cow in Milk having had two calves (2 entries)
1st: Beechview Solomon Lavish - W & M Oldfield (Best Udder)
2nd: Ingleview Solomon Roxie - R & E Butterfield (Exhibitor Bred)

Class 156 Intermediate Holstein Cow in Milk - 3rd calver (2 entries)
1st: Newbirks Caviar Susan - A Lawson & Son (BU and EB)
2nd: Ingleview Estate Bevin - R & E Butterfield

Class 157 Senior cow in Milk (4 or more calves) (3 entries)
1st: Ingleview Butz Ruth (BU and EB) - R & E Butterfield
2nd: Hailstone Lionheart Sunlight- M &D Wilson
3rd: Saxelby Brady Amber - R & E Butterfield

Class 158 Exhibitor bred group of Three (1 entry)
1st: R & E Butterfield

Class 159 Pair of Animals by Same Sire or Sam (3 entries)
1st: R &E Butterfield
2nd: Southwell & Partners
3rd: M & D Wilson


Interbreed Handling

Judge: Izzy Laird

Champion: Stella Chapman
Reserve: Harry Collins
HM: Jack Wilson

Junior Interbreed handlers
2nd: Izzy Lee
3rd: Annie Shirt

Intermediate Showmanship
1st: Harry Collins
2nd: Katie Thompson
3rd: Torie Wilson

Senior Showmanship
1st: Stella Chapman
2nd: Jack Wilson
3rd: Lucy Atkinson

Mature Showmanship
1st: Lizzie Bradley


Interbreed Maiden Heifer Classes

Judge: Izzy Laird

Interbreed Maiden Heifer Championship

Champion: Panda Treacle - Jack Wilson
Reserve: Langpark Lily 16 - G Bradley

Maiden heifer born 1/1/20 to 31/5/20
1st: Panda Treacle - JM Wilson
2nd: Richaven Silver Squaw - M & D Wilson
3rd: Katal Sidekick Kandie - O’Neill and Shirt

Maiden Heifer born 1/6/20 to 30/9/20
1st: Langpark Unstoppabull Jetsy - G Bradley
3rd: Huntholme Kitty 92 - M Southwell

Maiden heifer class born 1/10/20 to 31/12/20
1st: Langpark Lily 16 - G Bradley
2nd: Peak Unstoppabull Rhapsody - J Wilson

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