British Friesian ABAB 2019 Results
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: Mr Glyn Lucas

British Friesian Championship
Champion: Lismulligan Pauline 15
Reserve Champion: Aintree Jupiter Dazzle
Honourable Mention: Gemini Quaich Rosie

Born on or after 1st March 2019
1st Aintree Jacob Pauline, Aintree

Born between 1st December 2018 & 28th February 2019
1st Lismulligan Pauline 15, B Lawson & Sons
2nd Aintree Jupiter Dazzle, Aintree

Born between 1st September & 30th November 2018
1st Gemini Quaich Rosie, L Rockett & T Marshall
2nd Gemini Quaich Brandy, T Barrell & A Malt
3rd Crugside Major Gladys Red, C R Rees & Sons

Born between 1st May & 31st August 2018
1st Lismulligan Aster 2, B Lawson & Sons
2nd Aintree Chad Pauline 5, Aintree
3rd Aintree Jupiter Pauline, Aintree

Born between 1st January & 30th April 2018
1st Gemini Quaich Sky Pauline 2, T Barrell & A Malt
2nd Aintree Chad Dazzle, Aintree
3rd Lismulligan Anemone, B Lawson & Sons


Showmanship Results 

Judge: Claire Swale

Associate Judge: David Gray


Champion: Abi Marshall
Reserve Champion: Daniel Edwards
Honourable Mention: David Oultram

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