Proof Run

  • 07 Aug 2018

    Block-calver indexes extended to autumn

    A new Autumn Calving Index (£ACI) has been added to that for spring block-calvers, giving a full complement of tailored genetic ranking tools for dairy producers, whatever their management system.

  • 07 Aug 2018

    Legacy promises to lift Holstein breed

    A new wave of young Holstein sires is presenting dairy producers with unprecedented breeding opportunities, and this week’s publication of genetic evaluations by AHDB Dairy highlights newcomers at the pinnacle of the breed.

  • 07 Aug 2018

    Proven sires stable despite index change

    The proven Holstein sire rankings, published today by AHDB Dairy, present a picture of stability, with little reranking amongst the front-runners and the gradual appearance of a few young sires which were formerly in the genomic rankings.

  • 07 Aug 2018

    New blood challenges top positions in August 2018 Holstein ranking lists

    New leader among the top type youngsters in the August 2018 proof run is...

  • Genus ABS Dominate The Rankings In The April Sire Proof Run

    Genus ABS is proud to announce the release of top Genomic PLI sire – ABS Outback Genus ABS is delighted with one of the most exciting sire proof runs in recent years.  Holding true to their tagline; Profit from Genetic Progress, they are proud to release the joint Number One sire on the Genomic Profitable Life Index (PLI), ABS Outback, who has a PLI of £814.  Just below him at Number Two is ABS Crimson at £784.

  • Mogul sons maintain top positions in April 2018 Holstein ranking lists

    Mr Moviestar Mardi Gras (Mogul x Planet) maintains his lead atop the rankings for UK daughter proven sires, with +3.34 Type Merit at 93% reliability. Another Mogul son whose daughters have been pleasing the UK classifiers is Delaberge Pepper (Mogul x Planet), reflected in his +3.33 TM at 87% reliability, good enough for second place. In third is TW Goodwhone (Mogul x Alpag Iron) at +3.11 TM with high reliability (97%).

  • Dead-heat at the top for genomic young sires

    There’s a dead-heat at the top of the new genomic sire rankings which – combined with four new bulls in the top 10, 10 newcomers in the top 20 and the introduction of three newly developed genetic evaluations (see panel) – makes this month’s young sire offering of particular interest to Holstein breeders.

  • 03 Apr 2018

    New number one bull replaces long-term Holstein leader

    A new number one bull in the shape of the Morgan son, Mocon, has taken his place in the proven Holstein sire rankings, published today (3 April, 2018) by AHDB Dairy. Mocon is a German-bred maternal grandson of Snowman and his Predicted Transmitting Ability (PTA) features high milk production (826kg), low somatic cell counts (-23) and a very favourable Maintenance Index (-22), indicating his daughters have relatively low maintenance costs for feed. He earns a Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) of £689.

  • 3 New No 1 Red & White Sires!

    Mastergen provides breeders with the best selection of R&W sires!

  • Semex Genomic Sires Dominate UK Type Charts

    The latest proof run with a revised Type Merit (TM) calculation sees continued domination by Semex of the genomic sire rankings, with one in five of the top 50 ranked on TM having been bred or acquired by the company, including the top two bulls, and four of the top ten.