19 Apr 2017

Mastergen Have More Bulls In The Top 20 For Feet & Legs Than Any Other AI Company

UK Dairy farmers need look no further than Mastergen for bulls guaranteed to improve locomotion and feet and legs.


At Number 1 for Feet & Legs in the UK with +2.53 and Number 1 for Locomotion in the UK with +2.97 is the outstanding Doorman son DARLINGO.
DARLINGO is the ONLY bull available from Gold Chip Darling VG87, the 2017 Swiss Expo Supreme Champion.
DARLINGO also transmits +2.98 Type, which places him in the UK Top 25 and +2.50 Udders.

Dam: DH Gold Chip Darling EX94


At Number 7 for Feet & Legs in the UK with +2.34 is the popular Silver son, SILVERSTAR. Bred from the all Canadian Scarlet cow family. 
SILVERSTAR also transmits +2.64 Type and +2.22 Udders. Milk is an impressive +771kgs with 55.2kgs combined fat and protein. Daughters will be profitable with a predicted £519 PLI, stylish and a pleasure to milk.

Dam: Supersire Caralie VG86


At Number 11 for Feet & Legs in the UK with +2.21 is CHECKPOINT, a Commander son. 
CHECKPOINT also ranks as the 3rd highest bull for Locomotion with +2.54, is in the top 10 for Type Merit with +3.25 and top 20 for Udders with +2.99.
CHECKPOINT is also a sire to increase milk yield with +706kgs (A2A2) and profitability with £519 PLI.
Daughters will be balanced, uniform and long-lasting.

Bull: Checkpoint


At Number 14 for Feet & Legs in the UK with +2.14 is the former Number 1 Type sire, MISSAN.
MISSAN, an early Missouri son from the renowned Barbie family, still holds his own in the Type rankings with an impressive +3.20, ranking him 11th.
MISSAN daughters are predicted to transmit +743kgs Milk, with +51.1kgs combined fat and protein.
Daughters will be outstanding to look at but will also return a good profit, from a predicted £504 PLI.

Dam: McCutchen 459 VG86


At Number 20 for Feet & Legs in the UK with + 2.09, is top seller MOZARELLA. A Mogul son from the Juror Faiths, MOZARELLA is the complete package. His dam, WEU Cameo has recently scored EX92 in her 4th lactation.
MOZARELLA also ranks as the Number 12 bull for Locomotion. 
With +2.54 Type and +2.23 Udders his early UK daughters are already pleasing UK farmers. 
MOZARELLA is the perfect bull for improving conformation, fat and protein, with fat at +0.22% and protein at +0.09%.

Dam: WEU Cameo EX94(2E)

As a direct marketing company, Mastergen can supply these top bulls to UK dairy farmers at some of the most competitive prices in the UK.

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