13 Aug 2019

Crushabull keeps pressure on top type bulls in August 2019 Holstein rankings

Young genomic bulls

OH-River-SYC Crushabull remains the top type bull in the UK with +4.16 Type Merit at 56% reliability. He is a son of Marverick Crush out of the Mogul daughter, OH-River-SYC-Mogal Brylan. 

Now in second place is Siemers Lambda HANIKO (Lambda x Monterey) at 4.06 TM (54% Rlb). 

The full brother of the top bullCOL DG Crushtime is next at +3.94 TM(56% reliability).

Another Crush son, this time out of a Beemer dam, Calori-D CS Crush Pileup is next with 3.92 TM.Two long-term high-ranking bulls are next; Stantons Applicable at +3.85 and Wilt Emilio (+3.84).

Top among UK born bulls are two youngsters bred in the Relough herd in Northern Ireland, Drafter and Carlos at 3.34 and 3.05 TM respectively. 


Daughter proven sires

Delaberge Pepper (Mogul x Planet) remains the leader among UK daughter proven sires with +3.97 overall Type Merit at 92% reliability. This excellent all-rounder now has 121 UK classified daughters in his type proof. Pepper is a big improver for mammary, legs & feet and body traits.

Second in this category and now with 21 UK daugthters is Bovo Bomba, an Italian Doorman son, with 3.96 TM at 79% reliability.

Moving up to third is Luck-E Absolute AWESOME-RED, at 3.68 TM and 84% Rlb.

Willsbro Abbott is still the best UK bred proven bull at +3.25 TM and 88% Rlb.

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