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  • Immunity+ is the culmination of 20+ years of belief and R&D commitment

    Immunity+’s recognition through the RABDF’s Royal Dairy Innovation Award as “the most practical, relevant product or service which is the most significant innovation for the future of dairying” (the criteria on which the award is given) is the culmination of a belief over 20 years ago that dairy sires could be selected for health even though there was limited evidence at the time, plus a commitment to extensive Research and Development to try and ensure it could happen.

  • 11 Apr 2018



  • 09 Apr 2018

    Maternity Cover Position at Mastergen

    Mastergen, a well-established and highly progressive sales company for bovine genetics in the UK is looking for an experienced salesperson with a good knowledge and sales background in the agricultural sector, ideally dairy, to join its successful and highly ambitious sales team for a 12 month fixed contract, to cover maternity leave.

  • 06 Apr 2018

    Semex’s ability to increase herd health grows with more Immunity+® sires

    Semex has strengthened the number of Immunity+ sires available to UK dairy farmers with another four entering the foldrecently, bringing the number of these unique award winning, health-boosting siresto 69, with the selection offering breeding solutions for all systems. With their release coinciding with the April Proof Run, their introduction expands the choice further because three of the new sires possess the A2A2 gene, and two of which are available as Sexed.

  • 06 Apr 2018

    Lancaster changes hands and offered as double-dose

    Breeding company, Cogent, is delighted to have acquired the highest ranking Holstein sire ever bred in the UK, Prehen Lancaster. Now housed at the company’s Cheshire stud, this young bull also becomes available in the latest double-dose-rate sexed semen.

  • Genus ABS Dominate The Rankings In The April Sire Proof Run

    Genus ABS is proud to announce the release of top Genomic PLI sire – ABS Outback Genus ABS is delighted with one of the most exciting sire proof runs in recent years.  Holding true to their tagline; Profit from Genetic Progress, they are proud to release the joint Number One sire on the Genomic Profitable Life Index (PLI), ABS Outback, who has a PLI of £814.  Just below him at Number Two is ABS Crimson at £784.

  • 27 Mar 2018

    The Industry's Most Sought After Sire Now Available!

    Bomaz Skywalker is the hottest Genomic sire to join the Genus ABS line-up and is set to be in high-demand.  Skywalker ranks highly on many globally indexes, he is the number one gTPI sire currently available at 2939 and is the second highest Net Merit$ sire (1058 NM$).  Skywalker offers a balanced proof and is the only sire in the world to offer his amount of PLI, Milk Kg’s and combined weights of fat and protein.

  • 19 Feb 2018

    World Wide Sires provide commercial support to UK customers

    World Wide Sires customers across the UK have been benefiting from the knowledge of Dr Scott Abbott and Kevin Bousquet from the Global Training Centre in Washington, US.

  • 19 Feb 2018

    Genex appoints new GB distributor

    UK Sires Direct are excited to announce a new partnership with Genex, a part of Cooperative Resources International (CRI). UK Sires Direct will exclusively offer customers in Great Britain semen from a range of Holstein, Jersey and Guernsey sires that have resulted from the huge programme operated by Genex in North America that will see around 2650 young bulls genomically tested in 2018.

  • 09 Feb 2018

    Secretariat Daughters Exceed Expectations In Italy!

    Since his first daughter proof in April 2017 Secretariat continues to be an extremely high demand sire. Sired by Numero Uno, the former No 1 Genomic sire in Europe and backed by the renowned cow family of the Judys, his pedigree is just one of many boxes this great sire ticks!