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This Holstein UK website is renowned for the quality of information that is available on animals from around the world quickly and for free.

In this section you can search for all kinds of facts and figures on any bull or cow that is contained within the system. All animal names that you see throughout the section are hyperlinked to a three generation pedigree and performance fact sheet.

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The CDI have developed a number of services to assist breed society members with making informed breeding decisions. These services cover management, education, breeding and benchmarking and are encompassed within The Breeding Toolbox.

Genetic Evaluations ReleaseAugust 2016

We are pleased to make available the latest genetic evaluation results via Holstein-UK, and the CDI websites, including those areas "Powered by CDI" among its partner society websites

0 Fri 24 Jun Cut off for fresh Classification results to be included in this evaluation run for Type.
1 Thursday 18:00 Deadline for receipt of pre-release updates to Available Bull lists.
4th Aug Holstein-Friesian list prepared by CDI is shared with AHDB Dairy, & remains ?frozen? till date (4). Please note slightly earlier time than previous release schedules.
2 Tuesday 08:30 a) Male Type and Production results released to web sites.
9th Aug See: Breed Society web sites, &.AHDB Dairy.
b) CDI Proof data export files (NHM, etc.) are distributed to pre-ordered recipients as soon as availability permits after this point.
3 Monday - Female Proofs released to web sites, Fact Sheets, etc. Or earlier if possible.
15th Aug Registration certificates start to show new results for males and females.
4 Thursday 18:00 Available Bull lists re-open for further ongoing updates as required.
18th Aug AHDB update by Friday noon.
5 Friday - Deadline for completion of full registration for newly available foreign Holstein-Friesian bulls with the UK Society. (See background note on registrations)
2nd Sep

Proof Documents:
Proof Release Schedule August 2016
Holstein Type Press Release April 2016Guide to Genomic EvaluationsInbreeding Coefficients
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Future Interbull evaluation release dates:
  • AHDB Dairy
  • Canadian Dairy Network
  • SRUC

Evaluations are based on a combination of the traditional data recorded on each animal, combined with its ancestry information and its genomic information. Genomic results further improve the accuracy of the genetic indexes, and make the information on young animals in particular much more informative.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information in this document, no responsibility can be accepted thereto.

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