Holstein Young Breeders

Today's youth is the future of British agriculture and they hold the key to the success of farming in the 21st century. HYB provides young agricultural enthusiasts with a wide range of activities that promote learning, provide new and exciting experiences and opportunities to socialize with like-minded people.

What our members say about HYB...


John McLean, Northern Ireland

‘HYB has allowed me to compete in competitions such as Field to Foto, Stockjudging, and Linear Assessment. HYB has given me some fantastic experiences such as a trip to European Young Breeders in Belgium which consequently presented me with the opportunity to work in Canada for two weeks. The camaraderie of the Weekend Rally has to be the most enjoyable event of HYB. My proudest achievement would have to be receiving 100/100 for clipping within the Field to Foto competition.’

Tom Hill,  Staffordshire

‘I currently work on the family farm with my parents milking a herd of 140 Holsteins milking under the Hydaways prefix and my own prefix (Hillstar). Through Stockjudging and Linear Assessment, I have developed my understanding of the Holstein breed; enabling me to select cows that will be profitable for our business. HYB has taught me many skills such as show preparation and enabled me to travel to all parts of the UK and further afield. HYB has also enabled me to make friends and contacts all over the UK and as far away as Canada and South Africa. The thing I enjoy most about HYB is the social side: seeing people from all over the country in one place.’

Hannah Bown, West Midlands

'I am currently studying A Levels and aim to do an Animal Science & Agriculture course. My long term goal is to secure a work placement in Canada or the USA on a large scale pedigree farm. During weekends and evenings I enjoy helping out with milking, tractor driving and feeding calves on my family farm of 200 pedigree Holsteins. HYB has improved my social and communication skills through rally’s and competitions. In 2014, I was delighted to be selected to represent the UK for the Open Junior Show in Cremona, Italy'.


You don't have to be a farmer to join HYB. If you are aged between 4 and 26 and have a passion for the dairy industry, HYB IS FOR YOU!  Only £14.40 per annum - contact us today to join.



South & Wiltshire Weekend Rally 2015
All Breed All Britain Calf Show 2015

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