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Tel: 01923 695200
Fax: 01923 770003
Address: Holstein UK
Speir House
Stafford Park 1

Charity No.: 1072998
Office Opening Hours:
9am - 5pm
Monday to Friday
Internet registrations can be submitted 24 hours a day

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Membership enquiries

If you have any queries regarding membership or registrations, then drop a line to Membership Services Manager Susan Boughton.

Contact: Susan Boughton
Tel: 01923 695223
Susan has worked in Membership Services for many years and is very used to dealing with queries from members and non-members

Office Opening Hours 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Internet registrations can be submitted 24 hours a day.

HYB Club Coordinators

If you have any queries regarding HYB Club Coordinators you can ask Miriam Bagley
Contact: Miriam Bagley
Tel: 01923 695318

Telephone Registration

Open Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm
Contact: Telephone Registration
Tel: 0800 980 8565
Open Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm

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Management Team

Name   Email Phone
Cope, Sue
Chief Executive Officer for the Holstein UK Group of Companies, comprising of Holstein UK, The Cattle Information Services and the National Bovine Data Centre 01923 695200
Melanie Harmitt
To plan, implement, manage and control all financial-related activities of the company 01923 695315
Williams, Hannah
Head Of Events & Marketing
Coordinate, organize and run industry events and marketing material 01923 695237
James, Meurig
Head of Breed Development
To manage and direct the classification process within Holstein UK 01923 695237
Hargrave, Zoe
Head of HR
To manage and facilitate all human resource requirements 01923 695237