UK Dairy Expo 2017 Showmanship Results
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: Mike Halliwell

Champion: Laura Cornthwaite
Reserve Champion: Will Horsley
Honourable Mention: Matthew Williamson

Mature Showman

1. Laura Cornthwaite
2. Matthew Williamson
3. Jessica Hall
4. Zoe Coates
5. Rachel Williamson
6. Sarah Sutton
7. Hannah Lilburn
8. Romain Bregere
9. Bob Lawrence
10. Rebecca Fearon
11. Katherine Jenkinson
12. Neil Sloan

Senior Showman 

1. Will Horsley
2. Alison Hunter
3. Alison Hunter
4. Jonathon Woodhouse
5. Alisa Buchanan
6. Georgina Fisher
7. Anna Goldie
8. Harriett Jackson
10. Georgia Kerr
11. Eleanor Fisher
12. Emma Woodhouse
13. Philip Potts
14. Hannah Sowerby
15. Cameron McGregor
16. Catherine Bunting
17. Christopher Window
18. James Robinson

Intermediate Showman

1. Rosie Dennison
2. Thomas Atkinson
3. Elliott Jackson
4. Ben Sowerby
5. Millie Tomlinson
6. Abi Marshall
7. Charles Jackson
8. Gayle Robinson

Junior Showman

1. Rory Scott
2. Alfie Hay
3= Kailum Brown
3= Kyle Scott

Rules & Regulations

Showing Rules

Standard Agreement Between Owners & Fitters Standard Exhibitor’s Agreement The updated rules and regulations can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon and link below. The rules and regulations support good animal husbandry practices at shows, while presenting a positive image to spectators. All exhibitors and their fitters, agents, or other representatives agree to abide by these rules and regulations.

Download Full Showing Rules

These rules and regulations will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Standard Agreement Between Owners & Fitters

Download Owner, Fitter Agreement form

Standard Exhibitor’s Agreement

Download Exhibitor’s Agreement form