Royal Welsh Show Results 2017
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: Mr James Baillie

Grand Championship
Champion: Willsbro Goldwyn Kitty 5
Reserve: Moorshard Windbrook Alicia
Honourable Mention: Penrikka Dempsey Inka 2

Junior Championship
: Wiltor Supersire Dreamgirl
Reserve: Moorshard Caesar Lydia

Maiden Heifer

1. Tregibby G W Avis (Windbrook), A H Wilson & Son
2. Nobold TLC Miss Firecracker (Armani), T Lomas
3. Nobold Doorman SVS Atlee (Doorman), T Lomas
4. Showgirl Penmanship Farah (Penmanship), E D, M W & D W Jones
5. Starlet Solomon Marie (Solomon), K & S Rickard
6. Davlea Silver Elegance (Silver), B Davies
7. Tregibby Absolute Pledge (Absolute Red), G R & S Thomas & Son
8. Aintree Star Nugget (Star), Aintree Holsteins 
9. Meinel Drummer Buttercup (Drummer), Messers E D, M W & D W Jones
10. Goldstar Drummer Rintje (Drummer), D W Jones
11. Foel Mars Blodwen (Mars), W C & H Williams

In-Calf Heifer

1. Tregibby Pirate Pledge (Pirate), A H Wilson & Son
2. Henllys Jasper Gem (Jasper), G Watkin
3. Sterndale Explode Brenda (Explode), M & J Owens
4. Castellhyfryd Lauthority BJ Jean (Lauthority), S P & S R Davies
5. Henllys Absolute Millie (Absolute), G Watkin
6. Aintree Al Tellar (Al), Aintree Holsteins

Junior Heifer In-Milk

1. Eastford Atomium Kiwi (Atomium), B Yates & Son
2. Davlea Eberle Ashlyn (Eberle), B Davies
3. Tregibby Doorman Avis (Doorman), A H Wilson & Son
4. Lliwe Atlantic Rosina (Atlantic), K W & C A Thomas
5. Caer Saloon Sian 39 (Saloon), A & C Davies

Senior Heifer In-Milk

1. Wiltor Supersire Dreamgirl (Supersire), Sahara Holsteins
2. Moorshard Caesar Lydia (Caesar), R K & S G Miller
3. Praire Saloon Lustre (Saloon), A H Wilson & Son
4. Davlea Brady Ethel (Brady), B Davies

Junior Dry Cow

1. Kingtonmagna Atwood Bambi (Atwood), M & J Owens

Senior Dry Cow

1. Prospect Design Corrie (Design), M & J Owens
2. Willsbro Shottle J Fawn (Shottle), M & J Owens

Second Calver

1. Davlea Lauthority Lulu (Lauthority), B Davies
2. Wiltor Chipper Rosie Polled Red (Chipper P), D W & C E Jones
3. Woodmarsh Doorman Zandra 3 (Doorman), A H Wilson & Son
4. Castellhyfryd Rayford Diaz (Radford), S P & S R Davies
5. Meinel Goldfish Rintje (Goldfish), Messers E D & M W Jones

Third Calver

1. Moorshard Windbrook Alicia (Windbrook), B Davies
2. Penrikka Dempsey Inka 2 (Dempsey), D W & C E Jones
3. Logan Goldsun Pamela (Goldsun), B Yates & Son
4. Moorshard Windbrook Lydia (Windbrook), R K & S G Miller

Mature Cow

1. Willsbro Goldwyn Kitty 5 (Goldwyn), A H Wilson & Son
2. Logan Sid Edie (Sid), B Yates & Son
3. Castellhyfryd Spirte Rosina (Spirte), S P & S R Davies






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Showing Rules

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