Royal Welsh Show 2019 Results
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: John Garnett


Champion: Newbirks Jazz 1584

Reserve Champion: Davlea Bradnick Alicia

Honourable Mention: Tregibby Atwood Geraldine


Junior Champion: Wyndford McCutch Rebecca

Reserve Champion: Davlea Doorman Ashlyn 2


Maiden Heifer 

1st Drointon Byway Rosabel (Byway), M & J Owens

2nd Tregibby High Octane Maude (High Octane), A H Wilson

3rd Tregibby High Octane Zandra (High Octane), A H Wilson

4th Nobold Toi Toi Missy (Byway), Toi Toi Genetics

5th Sahara Octane Iola (High Octane), J M & B S Jones

6th Hendrew Kingboy Cassidy (Kingboy), G Jones

7th Cefn Coch Skeet Princess (Skeet), W C & H Williams

8th Erie Jordy Splendid-Red (Jordy Red), I Morgan

9th Henllys Calumet Fancy (Calumet), G Watkins & R Williams


Heifer in calf 

1st Tregibby Octane Geraldine (High Octane), A H Wilson

2nd Evening Beemer Sunrise (Beemer), A H Wilson

3rd Larchwood Denim Carys (Denim), J M & B S Jones

4th Henllys Superstar Nanette(Superstar), G Watkins & R Williams


Junior Heifer in milk 

1st Wyndford McCutch Rebecca (McCutchen), A H Wilson

2nd Davlea Doorman Ashlyn 2 (Doorman), B Davies

3rd Feizor Unix Lasenza (Unix), B Davies


Senior Heifer in milk

1st Erie WB Lustre (Windbrook), I Morgan

2nd Davlea Fitz Shadow (Fitz), B Davies

3rd Erie Wbrook Lustre (Windbrook), I Morgan


Dry Cow

1st Prospect Design Corrie (Design), M & J Owens


Junior Cow

1st Tregibby Atwood Geraldine (Atwood), A H Wilson

2nd Wiltor Silver Centerpiece (Silver), N J & L C Sercombe

3rd Wyndford Doorman Atlee 2 (Doorman), D W & C E Jones

4th Starlet Solomon Maria (Solomon), A H Wilson

5th Ingleview Estate Bevin (Estate), R & E Butterfield


Intermediate Cow

1st Davlea Bradnick Alicia (Bradnick), B Davives

2nd Whinchat Stanleycup Farrah (Stanleycup), C Wilson & L Lancaster

3rd Ingleview Rebel Roxie (Rebel), R & E Butterfield

4th Davlea Goldsun Raven (Goldsun), B Davies

5th Praire Saloon Lustre (Saloon), A H Wilson

6th Sterndale Explode Brenda (Explode), M & J Owens


Senior Cow

1st Newbirks Jazz 1584 (Lavenguard), R & E Butterfield

2nd Evening Stanleycup Jennifer (Stanleycup), C Wilson

3rd Penrikka Dempsey Inka 2 (Dempsey), J M & B S Jones

4th Erie Goldsun Supreme Maude (Goldsun), I Morgan 

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