Royal Highland Show 2019 Results
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

British Red & Whites


Judge: Mr Michael Broadley 


Champion: Redsky Land Delight

Reserve Champion: Eastford Atomium Kiwi Red


Junior Champion: Pinupgirl Awesome Sangria


Heifer (1)

1st FG Alaska Mexico Red (Alaska Red), Messrs F J & M Mattinson


Heifer in milk (3)

1st Pinupgirl Awesome Sangria (Absolute), G Weatherup

2nd Rockset Integral Rae Red (Integral), Eastford Holsteins

3rd Morwick Rowan Princess Red (Rowan Red), M Howie


Cow in milk, having had two or more calvings (6)

1st Redsky Land Delight (Ladd-P Red), J & G Lawrie

2nd Eastford Atomium Kiwi Red (Atomium), Eastford Holsteins

3rd Knowe Barby 2 (Fabio Red), G & G Templeton

4th Cuthill Towers Harry’s Totina (Harry P), A & S Lawrie

5th Troutbeck Joshi Jean (Joshi Red), Messrs F J & M Mattinson

6th Morwick Sparkle 116 ( Kanu P Red), M Howie





Judge: Mr Mark Logan


Champion: Blythbridge Jessy

Reserve Champion: Witherslack Micro Joanne 2

Honourable Mention: Logan Estate Jazz


Junior Champion: Logan Estate Jazz


Heifer (1)

1st Panda Emerald Fools Gold Red (Emilio), T A & M L Jackson & Daughters


Heifer in milk (5)

1st Logan Estate Jazz (Estate), B Yates

2nd Parkend Atwood Talia (Atwood), B Weatherup

3rd Parkend Atwood Tulisa (Atwood), B Weatherup

4th Lesmay G W A Eileen (Atwood), B Weatherup

5th Meiklefirth Beemer Babs (Beemer) D Yates


Cow in milk, having had two or more calvings (6)

1st Cauldcoats Samuri Mollie 2 (Samuri), D Laird

2nd Lesmay Atwood Nan (Atwood), B Weatherup

3rd Cramar Cheerful A Cutes (Atwood), B Weatherup

4th Cauldcoats Altatoyota Lavender 2 (Altatoyota), D Laird

5th Logan Integral Jodie Red 3 (Integral), B Yates

6th Overside Halogen Maria (Halogen), H Neilson


Cow in milk, having had three or more calvings (5)

1st Blythbridge Jessy (Atwood), Blythbridge Holsteins

2nd Witherslack Micro Joanne 2 (Mincio), J & I Wilson

3rd Cauldcoats Tobbasco Camilla 2 (Tobbasco), D Laird

4th Meiklefirth Plaid Lutske (Plaid), D Yates

5th Ingleview Rebel Roxie (Rebel), R & E Butterfield


Cow in milk, having had four or more calvings (3)

1st Newbirks Jazz 1584 (Lavanguard), R & E Butterfield

2nd Blythbridge Shottle Marcia (Shottle), Blythbridge Holsteins

3rd Overside Allemar Amanda (Allemar), H Neilson

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