National Holstein Show 2019 Results
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: Patrick Ruttimann


Holstein Grand Championship

Champion and Interbreed Champion: Newbirks Jazz 1584

Reserve Champion: Evening Stanleycup Jennifer

Honourable Mention: Whinchat Stanleycup Farrah


Holstein Heifer Championship

Champion: Riverdane Absolute Springsteen

Reserve Champion: Newbirks Jazz 1800

Honourable Mention: Knowlesmere Atwood Chic



1st Newbirks Jazz 1584 (Comestar Lavanguard), R & E Butterfield

2nd Evening Stanleycup Jennifer (Gillette Stanleycup), Evening Hill Farm LTD

3rd Newbirks Lauthority Caye (Comestar Lauthority), A Lawson & Son



1st Panda Heart Of Gold Red (Mr Atwood Brokaw), Panda Holsteins

2nd Beeline Texas Swan 2 (Texas Red), S N Bailey & Partners

3rd Eastford Atomium Kiwi Red (Gen-I-Beq Atomium Red), Eastford Holsteins

4th Cricketfield Integral Rae Red (Blondin Integral), P Mellors

5th Morwick Ruth 158 (Poos Stadel Classic), D A Howie & Sons

6thArbennig Destry Scarlet Red (Scientific Destry), Arbennig Holsteins



1st Whinchat Stanleycup Farrah (Gillette Stanleycup), Evening Hill Farm LTD

2nd Aliann Mincio Kitty (Bertaiola Mincio), N J & L C Sercombe & D W & C E Jones

3rd Davlea Goldsun Raven (Toc-Farm Goldsun), B L Davies & Son

4th Riverdane Springsteen Explode (Wabash-Way Explode), Riverdane Holsteins

5th Hawksmoor Shannon 18 (Dalbytop Phil), Seaton Farms & Hawksmoor

6th Hawksmoor Rene 50 (Regancrest Mac Bedford), Seaton Farms

7th Drointon Magical TS MarqI (Nethervalley Magical), A & D Mackellar


HOLSTEIN 4 YEAR OLD IN MILK; Born between 1stMay ’14 – 30thApr ’15 (8)

1st Riverdane Ashlyns Gold(Mr Chassity Gold Chip), Evening Hill Farm LTD

2nd Davlea Bradnick Alicia (Regancrest-GV S Bradnick), B L Davies & Son

3rd Blydale El Niro Missy (Pine-Tree Sid), S & T Wake

4th Firstlook Dreamy Ricki (Heavenly Golden Dreams), J & S Doherty & I & G Jones

5th TLC Drointon Seisme (GS Alliance O Kaliber), A & D Mackellar & T Lomas

6th Davlea Stanleycup Lulu (Gillette Stanleycup), B L Davies & Son

7th Knowlesmere Windbrook Chancel (Gillette Windbrook), A & J Whittaker

8th Beaconhill Daryl Corrie (Scientific Daryl), O Reed


HOLSTEIN SENIOR 3 YEAR OLD IN MILK; Born between 1st May ’15 – 31s t Oct ’15 (8)

1st Whinchat Snowy Tippy 2 (Lookout Pesce Snowy), Evening Hill Farm LTD

2nd Wiltor Silver Centerpiece (Seagull-Bay Silver), N J & L C Sercombe

3rd Tregibby Atwood Geraldine (Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood), A H Wilson & Son

4th Feizor Elude A Rapture (Silverridge V Elude), W A & A Booth

5th Wormanby Commander Arnhilda(Larcrest Commander), Wormanby Farms LTD

6th Onco Art Mandy(Mr Aubrey Observer Art), Oncoland

7th Peak Gold Mogul Rhapsody(Mountfield SSI DCY Mogul), Y Bradbury

8th Topcroft Elias Cherry(Shanael Elias), T Crawford & Co Ltd


HOLSTEIN JUNIOR 3 YEAR OLD IN MILK; Born between 1stNov ’15 – 30thApr ’16 (12)

1st Knowlesmere Solomon Diamond (Walnutlawn Solomon), A & J Whittaker

2nd Wyndford Doorman Atlee 2 (Val-Bisson Doorman), D W & C E Jones

3rd Riverdane Brady Sharon (Butz-Butler Atwood Brady), Riverdane Holsteins

4th Starlet Solomon Maria(Walnutlawn Solomon), A H Wilson & Son

5th Wormanby Commander Gloriette (Larcrest Commander), Wormanby Farms LTD

6th Feizor Doorman G Dandy (Val-Bisson Doorman), D W & C E Jones

7th Knowlesmere Miss Brandysnap(Denmire Mesdoor), A & J Whittaker

8th Lesmay Armani Starlet (Mr Apples Armani), B Weatherup & Partners

9th Davlea Doorman Jenn (Val-Bisson Doorman), B L Davies & Son

10th Warnelview Octane Glenys (Stantons High Octane), K J & C S Wilson LTD

11th Riverdane Apples Beauty (Apples Absolute-Red), Riverdane Holsteins

12th Hennikers Nolhhanna (MS Atlees SHT Aftershock), T & M Warren


HOLSTEIN SENIOR 2 YEAR OLD IN MILK; Born between 1st May ‘16 – 31st Dec ’16 (11)

1st Riverdane Absolute Springsteen (Apples Absolute-Red), Riverdane Holsteins

2nd Knowlesmere Atwood Chic (Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood), A & J Whittaker

3rd Tregibby Doorman Cinderella (Val-Bisson Doorman), A H Wilson & Son

4thAliann Mario Peggy (Quality Doorman Mario), D W & C E Jones

5th Sterndale Linkup Rae (EDG Mogul Link Up 8217), W J Nadin & Co

6th Dulais Doorman Rae 2 (Val-Bisson Doorman), O Reed

7th Wyndford McCutch Erle 19 (De-Su Bkm Mccutchen 1174), P S Harris

8th Sterndale Denver Rae (Mr Mogul Denver 1426), W J Nadin & Co

9th Riverdane Luckie Ashlyn (Luck-E Absolute Awesome-Red), Riverdane Holsteins

10th Styche Armour Hilgonda (Ladys-Manor Halo Armour), Seaton Farms

11th Tregibby Doorman Bloom (Val-Bisson Doorman), A H Wilson & Son


HOLSTEIN INTERMEDIATE 2 YEAR OLD IN MILK; Born between 1stJan ’17 – 31stMay ’17 (10)

1st Newbirks Jazz 1800 (Walnutlawn Solomon), A Lawson & Son

2nd Davlea Doorman Ashlyn 2 (Val-Bisson Doorman), B L Davies & Son

3rd Logan Estate Jazz (EDG Esther Estate 8132), B Yates & Son

4th Wyndford McCutch Rebecca (De-Su Bkm Mccutchen 1174), A H Wilson & Son

5th Ingleview Roxie Solomon (Walnutlawn Solomon), R & E Butterfield

6th Peak Gold Den Rhapsody (Mr Mogul Denver 1426), Y Bradbury

7th Tregibby Beemer Kitty (Pol Butte Mc Beemer), A H Wilson & Son

8th Wolfa Dempsey Summer (Lirr Drew Dempsey), M Armstrong

9th Cairnrock Monterey Amanda (View-Home Monterey), A E & A Swale

10th Curscombe Octane Clover (Stantons High Octane), C R J & J A Bishop



1st Chedhunt Cinderdoor Rach (KH Cinderdoor), Chedhunt Holsteins

2nd Panda Strike It Rich Red (Mr Danielle Devour), Panda Holsteins

3rd Logan Fitz Becky (Toc-Farm Fitz), B Yates & Son

4th Feizor Unix W Lasenza 5 (Croteau Lesperron Unix), W A & A Booth        

5th Starlet Erie Sirwood Barbie 2 ET (Mattenhof Sirwood), I R Morgan

6th Firstlook Jackpot Sol Abrianna (Walnutlawn Solomon), J & S Doherty & J Watts

7th Knowlesmere Windy Sol Chancel (Walnutlawn Solomon), A & J Whittaker

8th Peak Doorman Camilla (Val-Bisson Doorman), Y Bradbury

9th Beaconhill Kingpin Paula 2 (Kerndtway Kingpin), O Reed



1st Rockset Integral Rae Red (Blondin Integral), Eastford Holsteins  

2nd Pinupgirl Awesome Sangria (Luck-E Absolute Awesome-Red), B Weatherup & Partners

3rd Trigarn Absolute Kaylie Red (Apples Absolute-Red), I R Morgan

4th Wolfa Awesome Anna 260 (Luck-E Absolute Awesome Red), Messrs M Armstrong

5th Cuthill Towers Addiction Peony (Mr Ansly Addiction-P-Red), A & S Lawrie

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