National British Friesian Show 2017 Results
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: Meurig James

Grand Championship

Champion: Oakalby Hilton S Ruth 82
Reserve Champion: Oakalby Rebel Cherry 115
Honourable Mention: Oakalby Stour Britto 48

Junior Championship

Champion: Gemini Patrol Rosie Red 2
Reserve Champion: Lismulligan Priscilla 54
Honourable Mention: Leasbeck All That Jazz

Maiden Heifer

1.  Lismulligan Priscilla 54 (Garve), R S & W A Howarth
2. Greenway Solo Billie Jo (Solo), L Rockett & T Marshall
3. Oakalby Enterprise Britto 58 (Enterprise), E S Burroughs & Son
4. Oakalby Metalic Salvine 55 (Metalic), E S Burroughs & Son
5. Greenway Solo Fig (Solo), L Rockett & T Marshall
6. Lismulligan Poppy 2 (Mufasa), B Lawson & Sons

In-Calf Heifer

1. Gemini Patrol Rosie Red 2 (Patrol), T & A Barrell
2. Leasbeck All That Jazz (Venue), R S & W A Howarth
3. Lismulligan Empress 48 (Garve), B Lawson & Sons
4. Greenway Harris Victoria (Harris), L Rockett & T Marshall


1. Oakalby Stour Britto 48 (Stour), B Lawson & Sons 
2. Nerewater Orbit 8 (Launcher), R W & J Bell 
3. Aintree Patrol Honeyschaap (Patrol), Richard Pilkington
4. Lismulligan Empress 47 (Umpire), B Lawson & Sons

3 & 4-Year-Old

1 & BU. Oakalby Hilton S Ruth 82 (Hilton), E S Burroughs & Son 
2. Oakalby Tournament Cherry 126 (Tournament), E S Burroughs & Son
3. Nerewater Daisy 10 (Launcher), R W & J Bell
4. Adams Laura 3 (Mufasa), B Lawson & Sons
5. Lismulligan Brandy Lavender 19 (Mufasa), B Lawson & Sons
6. Lismulligan Priscilla 48 (Hilton), Messrs Blamire
7. Oakalby Quadrant Shiela 50 (Quadrant), E S Burroughs & Son

Senior Cow (4)

1 & BU. Oakalby Rebel Cherry 115 (Rebel), E S Burroughs & Son
2. Nerewater Janice 8 (Launcher), R W & J Bell
3. Adams Cherry 10 (Kilmuir), B Lawson & Sons

Rules & Regulations

Showing Rules

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These rules and regulations will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Standard Agreement Between Owners & Fitters

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Standard Exhibitor’s Agreement

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