Celtic Dairy Showcase 2017 Results
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: Mark Nutsford


Junior Handler

1. Carys Davies
2. Peighton Robertson
3. Megan Powell
4. Harri Morgan

Intermediate Handler

1. Ben Baker
2. Christie Baker
3. Sophie Powell
4. Nia Thomas

Senior Handler

1. Ioan Harries
2. Fflur Davies

Champion: Carys Davies
Reserve: Ben Baker

Holstein Classes

Senior Champion: Woodmarsh Doorman Zandra 3
Senior Reserve Champion: Noremead Baxter Kansas
Honourable Mention: Erie Goldsun Supreme Maude

Champion Red & White: DKR Superf

Best Udder: Erie Goldsun Supreme Maude

Best by UK Sire: Waliswood Topshot Blomke 119

Intermediate Champion: Erie Brady Irene

Junior Champion: Tregibby Maude Kitty
Junior Reserve Champion: Tregibby Fitz Beauty

Heifer born on or after 1st September 2016 (8)

1. Tregibby Fitz Beauty (Fitz), A H Wilson & Son
2. Trigarn Absolute Kaylie Red 3 (Absolute-Red), I Morgan
3. Lyganlan Again Pamela (Again), Clomendy Williams
4. Tirnewydd Sneaker Gold (Sneaker), Ffion Thomas
5. Trigarn Brady Ashlyn (Brady), H George
6. Tregibby Caviar Lustre (Caviar), R & B Thomas
7. Llancourt Gold Chip Laura (Goldchip), Rowlands & Lewis
8. Trigarn Absolute Kaylie Red 2 (Absolute-Red), H George

Heifer born between 1st April and 31st August 2016 (4)

1. Erie Solomon Joan (Solomon), I Morgan
2. Tyrywen Drummer Colleen (Drummer), S Powell
3. Llancourt Mincio Lady 6 (Mincio), Rowlands & Lewis
4. Tyrywen Drummer Gerty (Drummer), S Powell

Heifer born between 1st January and 31st March 2016 (4)

1. Tregibby Solomon Lustre (Solomon), A H Wilson & Son
2. Tirnewydd Windbrook Teekah (Windbrook), F Thomas
3. Sahara Penley Flower (Penley), D & L Davies
4. Llancourt Appleman Cinderella (Appleman), Rowlands & Lewis

Heifer born between 1st September and 31st December 2015 (2)

1. Ingleview Doorman Promis (Doorman), A H Wilson & Son
2. Tyrywen Henry Teresa (Henry), S Powell

Heifer born between 1st April and 31st August 2015 (2)

1. Tregibby Maude Kitty (Euro), A H Wilson & Son
2. Lyganlan Fabulous Erica (Fabulous), Clomendy Williams

Milking Yearling (6)

1. Erie Brady Irene (Brady), I Morgan
2 & BU. Churchvale Sid Rachel (Sid), R & B Thomas
3. Caer Saloon Sian 39 (Saloon), A & C Davies
4. Waliswood Stanleycup Anna (Stanleycup), P, B & B Williams
5. Tregibby McCutchen Roxy (McCutchen), A H Wilson & Son
6. Castellhyfryd Romance Jean 3, S & S Davies

Three-Year-Old (5)

1. Woodmarsh Doorman Zandra 3 (Doorman), A H Wilson & Son
2 & BU. DKR Superf (Applejax), Erie Holsteins & Starlet Holsteins
3. Tegan Numero Uno Jodie 4 (Numero Uno), Elitehaven Genetics Ltd & Erie Holsteins
4. Waliswood Topshot Blomke 119 (Topshot), P, B & B Williams
5. Tyrywen Miller Colleen 2 (Miller), S Powell

Four-Year-Old (3)

1. Noremead Baxter Kansas (Baxter), E & C Thomas
2 & BU. Erie Goldsun Supreme Maude (Goldsun), I Morgan
3. Castellhyfryd Rebellion Beauty 2 (Rebellion), S & S Davies

Five-Year-Old (2)

1 & BU. Feithy Windbrook Glenys 11 (Windbrook), E R & M E Jones & Son
2. Cramar G Sid Cherry (Sid), E & C Thomas

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