Balmoral Show Results 2017 
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: David Booth 
Grand Champion: Ortongrange Snowman Alysia 
Reserve Champion: Priestland 5235 PS James Rose 
Honourable Mention: Priestland 5446 Shot J Rose 
Junior Champion: Hilltara Atwood Maude 5 
Reserve Champion: Priestland 5656 Fever Heather 

Maiden Heifer (6) 

1. Ards Solomon Fame (Solomon), W Patton 
2. Mostragee Solomon Ambrosia (Solomon), Henry family 
3. Lissue Doorman Fame 3 (Doorman), T McKnight 
4. Damm Endure Mitzy (Endure), D Simpson 
5. Garrick Sid Gold Sara (Sid), J Pollock 
6. Quaterland Bets Muriel (All Bets Are Off), Weatherup family 

In-Calf Heifer (3) 

1 .Priestland 5770 Sid Ambrosia (Sid), McLean family 
2. Mostragee Moregold Pledge (Moregold), Henry family 
3. Garrick Sid Maude (Sid), J Pollock 

In-Calf Cow (1) 

1. Priestland 5206 Goldwyn Delicate (Delicate), McLean family 

Junior Heifer In-Milk (6) 

1. Burnhill Sabre Victoria (Sabre), D Simpson 
2. Ards Kingboy M Lou Ella (Kingboy), W Patton 
3. Glasson Mack P Sara (Mack), S Haffey 
4. Hilltara Windbrook Lulu (Windbrook), S & J McCormick 
5. Hallow Atwood Twizzle (Atwood), C McAufield 
6. Hallow Windbrook Twizzle (Windbrook), S Haffey 

Senior Heifer In-Milk (5) 

1. Hilltara Atwood Maude 5 (Atwood), S & J McCormick 
2. Priestland 5656 Fever Heather (Fever), McLean family 
3. Dalevalley Wyn Embrace (Goldwyn), S Robinson 
4. Clandeboye Goldfish Willow2 (Goldfish), Clandeboye Estate 
5. Garrick Artie Sara (Artie-Red), J Pollock 

Second Calver (6) 

1. Priestland 5446 Shot J Rose (Shottle), McLean family 
2. Fordwich Saratoga Agnes (Saratoga), Henry family 
3. Hilltara Aftershock Dawn (Aftershock), S & J McCormick 
4. Mostragee Frankie Ellie (Frankie), Henry family 
5. Glasson Meridian Balise (Meridian), S Haffey 
6. Ards Atwood Ashlyn (Atwood), W Patton 

Third Calver (4) 

1. Ortongrange Snowman Alysia (Snowman), S Robinson 
2. Berryholme G Jordan Flo (Goldwyn), S Haffey 
3. Priestland 5206 Goldwyn Delicate (Goldwyn), McLean family 
4. Corringham Windbrook Juice (Windbrook), D Simpson 

Mature Cow (2) 

1. Priestland 5235 PS James Rose (Shottle), McLean family 
2. Hilltara Windbrook Maude (Windbrook), S & J McCormick 

Production (1) 

1.Priestland 4934 Goldwyn Ambrosia (Goldwyn), McLean family 

Pair of Females (3) 

1. McLean family 
2. S & J McCormick 
3. Henry family 

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