Balmoral Show 2019 Results
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Judge: David Hodgson, Wormanby


Junior Champion: Priestland 6062 Atwood Laurel

Reserve Junior Champion: Priestland 6146 Atwood James Rose


Grand Champion: Hallow Atwood Twizzle

Reserve Grand Champion: Hallow Atwood Grace

Honourable Mention: Thevalley Amazing Frost


Maiden heifer

1st Priestland 6409 Unix Ambrosia (Unix), McLean family

2nd Davlea Abbott Lulu (Abbott), Henry family

3rd Glasson Jordy Kandiefloss Red (Jordy Red), S & P Haffey

4th Annaghmore Brewmaster Danoise (Brewmaster), Annaghmore Holsteins

5th Beechview Brekem Rachel Red (Brekem), G & J Booth


Heifer in calf

1st Vetech Awesome Jodie Red (Awesome Red), Annaghmore Holsteins


Dry Cow

1st Glasson Mack P Sara (Mack), S & P Haffey


Junior Heifer in milk

1st Preistland 6146 Atwood James Rose (Atwood), McLean family

2nd Mostragee Gain Lauren (Capital Gain), Henry family

3rd Aintree Lawton Nugget Red (Lawton Red), G &J Booth

4th Troutbeck Absolute Irene Red (Absolute Red), S & P Haffey 

5th Damm I’m So Fitz (Fitz), G Simpson

6th Letterkenny Doorman Alana (Doorman), S Wadsworth & K Hunter


Senior Heifer in milk

1st Priestland 6062 Atwood Laurel (Atwood), McLean family

2nd Letterkenny Solomon Squaw (Solomon), S Wadsworth & K Hunter

3rd Hawksmoor Shannon 21 (McCutchen), G & J Booth


Cow in milk, having had two calvings

1st Hallow Atwood Twizzle (Atwood), Hallow Holsteins

2nd Priestland 5932 Sammy Dellia (Sammy), McLean family

3rd Mostragee Lineman Sheila (Lineman), Henry family

4th Fordwich Seaver Agnes (Seaver), Henry family

5th Moree Fever Twine (Fever), J Kelso


Cow in milk, having had three calvings

1st Hallow Atwood Grace (Atwood), Hallow Holsteins

2nd Glasson Goldfish Form Erle (Goldfish), S & P Haffey

3rd Rockset Pepper Bridget (Pepper), G & J Booth

4th Glenwood Destry Regenia (Destry), S Wadsworth & K Hunter

5th Ballymenagh Snowball Red (Altaceo), G & J Booth


Cow in milk, having had four or more calvings

1st Thevalley Amazing Frost (Altaamazing), Hallow Holsteins

2nd Robinview Atwood Vicky (Atwood), Henry family


Production class

1st Mostragee Matson Nancy (Matson), Henry family


Pair of females

1st Hallow Holsteins

2nd Henry family

3rd S & P Haffey

Rules & Regulations

Showing Rules

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