2018 AgriScot Results
Starting in: 22 Days 13 Hours

Red and White Heifer (4)

1st Whiteflat AA Anita Red Mungo Bryson

2nd Nethervalley Apples Emma Red Robbie & Margo Scott  

3rd Morwick Lord P Queen D A Howie & Sons  

4th Morwick Ladd P Sandra D A Howie & Sons 


Holstein Heifer (8)

1st Blydale Lynn Fitz All WTF Syndicate

2nd Lesmay BBB Thistle Brian Weatherup & Partners

3rd Knowlesmere Brokaw Skyhigh D R & H M Horsley 

4th Wormanby Elude D RoseD Hodgson 

5th Feizor Beemer W WendyW A & A Booth 

6th Logan Octane Jodie ETBrian Yates & Son 


Holstein Senior Heifer (7) 

1st Riverdane Brady Sharon Riverdane Holsteins

2nd Richaven Atwood Squaw 3 Richard Bown

3rd Richaven Brokaw Dawn Richard Bown 

4th Espland Monterey SueThe Wilson Family 

5th Cairnpat McCutchen LotusRobert McNeil 

6th Wiltor Mesdoor Jasmine ETDavid & Claire Jones 


Champion Red & White heifer 

Whiteflat AA Anita Red Mungo Bryson 


Reserve Red & White 

Nethervalley Apples Emma Red Robbie & Margo Scott 


Champion Holstein Junior Heifer 

Blydale Lynn Fitz All WTF Syndicate 


Reserve Junior 

Lesmay BBB Thistle Brian Weatherup & Partners 


Champion Holstein Senior Heifer 

Riverdane Brady Sharon Riverdane Holsteins  


Reserve Senior 

Richaven Atwood Squaw 3 Richard Bown 


Overall heifer championship 

Riverdane Brady Sharon Riverdane Holsteins  


Reserve Overall heifer 

Blydale Lynn Fitz All WTF Syndicate 


SuperHeifer 2018   

Riverdane Brady Sharon Riverdane Holsteins 



Whiteflat AA Anita Red Mungo Bryson 


Red and White cow (8) 

1st Valleyhill Haynes Patsy A.E. & A Swale

2nd Nethervalley Savard Emma Red R & M Scott

3rd Moozik Armani Starlite Red A.C Weatherup

4th Killoch Punch Grant Woodburn 

5th West Mossgiel Miss ModernG G Baynes & Sons 

6th Killoch Red Emerald PunchGrant Woodburn 


Holstein Junior Cow (11) 

1st Woodhey Hello Kitty M. Robinson

2nd Glasson Bombero F Gail R & E Butterfield and Enchanted Holsteins

3rd Parked Atwood Starlet B. Weatherup  

4th Witherslack Mincio Joanne 2J & I Wilson 

5th Stowbeck At Flo ETD Hodgson 

6th Hilltower Addiction Honey Arthur & Susan Lawrie 


Holstein Intermediate Cow (6) 

1st Kepculloch Atwood Snowboots A Cook

2nd Ingleden Camelot Monica M. Williamson

3rd Cardhall Brady Elizabeth Riverdane Holsteins

4th Feizor Windbrook J Flo 2 ETD Hodgson 

5th Willsbro Atwood AmberRiverdane Holsteins 

6th Overside Doorman Tina W W Neilson 


Holstein Senior Cow (5) 

1st Sahara Sanchez Ambrosia 3 Riverdane Holsteins & Barmick Holsteins  

2nd Penrikka Dempsey Inka 2David & Claire Jones

3rd Richaven Sanchez Squaw 3 Richard Bown

4th Colvend Atlas RoxSteven Roan 

5th Richaven Fever Fransci Richard Bown 


Champion Holstein and Supercow Interbreed Champion

Sahara Sanchez Ambrosia 3 Riverdane Holsteins & Barmick Holsteins

Kepculloch Atwood Snowboots A Cook  


Reserve Supercow 

Bluegrass Vindication HarpAshley Fleming 


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