Holstein UK Mission & Values

Our mission is to be squarely at the heart of the dairy industry and as such our aim is to assist our members in breeding profitable, robust and productive dairy cattle.  

We are a member-owned organisation dedicated to innovation and quality and are driven to continuously improve the services we offer.

We are the parent of two subsidiary companies, The Cattle Information Service and The Centre for Dairy Information

The CIS is the UK's leading milk recording and health testing organisation operating a state-of-the-art laboratory.  

The Centre of Dairy Information (CDI) exists to develop industry-leading analysis of data for the improvement of dairy production in the UK.

Latest News

Holstein UK Teams Gain European Recognition

The UK had a very successful show at the European Championships in Colmar, France, taking home four seconds, one third and one fifth, with all of the UK animals coming in the top 10 of their individual classes.

23 Jun 2016

Register with 5 Digit Line Numbers

We are excited to announce that our systems are now accepting 5 digit Line Numbers. We’ve acted on member feedback to enhance the web registrations and developed additional functionality to include the numbers that are commonly used in ear tags.

Team Holstein UK Flies The Flag For British Genetics

Holstein UK’s 15-strong team of cows have crossed the English Channel to showcase the best of UK Holstein genetics in Europe.

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